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The Mad Hatter’s Invitation

The Mad Hatter’s tea party is in full swing and we’re all invited.

Like it or not the craziness of the American elections and that country’s fall into violent insanity affects us all. That the election was not clean is beyond dispute. Neither is the influence of anti-Conservative violence and the biases of the media and social media giants.  If you don’t believe me about the media, just remember that the more adjectives one uses, the less objective they are. Then listen to CBC or CNN and how they cover different political viewpoints.

Since Donald Trump became president four years ago the left followed the urging of Hillary Clinton and took the streets. The protests were fed into a frenzy by the Democratic leadership and eventually the anti-Trump movement became thug led riots.

Often people wearing Trump’s, Make America Great Again hats were assaulted and threatened. Anyone who voiced support for Trump put themselves and their families at risk of physical harm, job loss, and public shaming.

This is not democracy. This is mob rule. Added to the mix are the anomalies of this election. Mail in ballots, secret ballot counting, and misplaced votes give an aura of suspicion to what should be a transparent process.

And now, just as in 2000 when everyone said Gore beat Bush until the election fraud in Florida was uncovered, the fate of the presidency is in the hands of the Supreme Court. If they uncover voter fraud and Trump wins as a result, this too will be controversial due to the make up of the supreme court judges. Whatever happens, the result will be clouded by suspicion and the leader of the free world will once again have an air of illegitimacy.

That the last two or more of the American elections were so fraught with division and deceit is not good news for anyone.  I remember days in which men spoke of their policies and how they would govern. Now the country that calls itself the greatest democracy on earth uses intimidation, insults, and violence to decide who will lead.

Has America really moved that far away from truth and transparency in their elections? Have they forgotten the basic principles of elections that one person gets one vote and entitled to their opinion?

In the search for the truth we often come across stumbling blocks; things that will try to prevent the truth from being exposed.  Some times these barriers are thrown up by people trying to hide their crimes. There are times in which we who claim to be truth seekers put up barricades to the truth.

It is easier for us to point fingers or to deal with falsehoods that are not our own. I can point my finger at CNN, as I often do, for their unwillingness to be objective and their hypocritical coverage of politics. But am I able to see the odd time in which they are reporting just the news and not their opinions? After all, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

The Bible says do not judge lest you be judged (Matthew 7:1). But this doesn’t mean that we are to accept things that are not right. This means we are not to judge as the Pharisees did. We are not to be hypocritical in judging. This means we are not to do the very thing for which we are judging others.  Judging is necessary but it must be done according in the way God intended. It is easy to judge things that are insignificant to us. But when people or events affect our lives deeply, it is more difficult to judge wisely.

The basis for good judgement is the truth. It has to be. Yet in times of turmoil, the truth is the first thing to fly out the window. What is the truth for America? It is the same truth for Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the rest of the world. The truth is we need Jesus. He is the truth (John 14:6) and he “was born and came into the world to testify to the truth” (John 18:37).

America and the world are being held in bondage to the lies that we don’t need God. We all want freedom yet we deliberately ignore the one true path to freedom. And when Jesus sets you free, you are free indeed (John 8:36)

Rather than bash our opponents, let’s turn to Jesus who will both show us the truth and help us find freedom from our own hatred and biases.


Andy Becker is a retired counsellor and author of The Travelers, a fictionalized account of spiritual warfare (available on Amazon) as is, Stupid Thyroid, a book he co-wrote with his wife, Stella. Andy and his wife, Stella, lead Lighthouse Ministry in North Central Regina, one of Canada’s poorest and roughest areas. He is a retired counselor, speaker, and writer. Andy Becker is working on his second book about spiritual warfare. His first book, The Travelers, is available at and

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