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COVID vaccine coming and plummeting death rates

There is good news on a couple of fronts. First Pfizer reveals that it may have a COVID vaccine available by the end of November that could be upwards of 90% effective. There is a bit of a “but” there, but still good news.

The Daily Wire writes:

The pharmaceutical company Pfizer says that its developmental vaccine for COVID-19 may be 90% effective at inoculating people against the disease.

The company announced the news in a statement issued Monday morning. The rate of effectiveness was calculated by analyzing early data from 94 trial participants in a study involving 43,538 subjects from all over the world. The small early sample means that the protection rate could change by the time the study ends and all the participants are accounted for, according to The Associated Press.

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Of course, those on the left want to politicize a vaccine. Does Democrat New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo prefer Pfizer wait till Biden’s inauguration in January to release the vaccine? READ: Andrew Cuomo: Vaccine is ‘Good News,’ but ‘Bad News’ Because Trump Will Roll It Out

But equally good news is that in many countries the death rates during the second COVID wave have been plummeting. We can see this clearly in two charts from England that was hard hit by a second COVID wave.

While the number of people infected in the second wave is nearly four times higher than the spring, the number of deaths are less than half of what they were in the spring:

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There may be several reasons for why the death rates are plummeting:

  1. Many of the people being infected in the second wave are younger and are not vulnerable to the virus. Most have no or minimal symptoms.
  2. Some are reporting that the COVID virus is weakening.
  3. Hospitals now know the most effective ways to treat the virus.
  4. There is a greater focus on protecting those most vulnerable to the virus, the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

But oddly, most governments are using the rising number of COVID cases as the justification for the second lockdown and not the death rates. However, the reason the number of COVID cases are skyrocketing is because there is much more testing being done, and they’re catching the people who have the virus, but have no symptoms. Basically they didn’t get sick. During the first wave they were only testing those who were sick enough to seek medical attention.

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