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British Rage: Elderly Covid patients refused treatment?

According to the Daily Mail, British people are outraged after finding out during the height of COVID outbreak in that country, several hospitals were refusing to send older patients to intensive care for treatment over concern they would overrun hospitals. But at its height only 42% of the ventilator beds were ever used.

It’s alleged, the country’s National Health System (NHS) developed a scoring system for patients. If people’s number were too high, they would not be sent to intensive care, in some instances the hospitals would not even accept them as patients.

People were scored based on their age and frailty. The higher the number the less likely they were to be sent to the hospital. Initially, those over the age of 80 were given a score of nine which immediately disqualified them from intensive hospital care.

People in their 60s and 70s were also being refused when their age score combined with scores for other factors drove their number too high.

In some instances, doctors also told those in certain age groups to stay home and ambulance workers were allegedly told not to take people in care homes to the hospital.

Daily Mail explains:

Those aged over 80, and some in younger groups such as the over 60s, were not given potentially life-saving treatment because health chiefs were concerned the NHS would be overrun, according to reports.

It is claimed documents called a ‘triage tool’, drawn up at the request of England’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty, were used in preventing elderly Covid-19 patients from receiving ventilation in intensive care.

As part of an investigation, the Sunday Times says the tool was used to create a ‘score’ for patients based on their age, frailty, and illness. Under the original system, over 80s were automatically excluded from intensive care treatment due to their age. Even those in the over 60s who were considered frail and with pre-existing health conditions could have been over the intensive care threshold. […]

It also cites data, which shows the over 70s and 80s groups made up the smallest percentage of ICU patients, despite having the highest number of deaths.

READ: Older Covid patients ‘were DENIED intensive care during height of crisis’: Fury as it is claimed over 60s were ‘not given potentially life-saving treatment’ during first wave in bid to stop the being NHS overrun

Of course, New York State was not much better. Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered at least 6,300 COVID patients to be returned to nursing care homes. READ: Gov. Cuomo sent 6,300 COVID-19 patients to nursing homes during pandemic

Cuomo did this even though emergency field hospitals, including the Navy’s 1,000 bed hospital ship, set up to handle the crisis sat empty. READ: Most field hospitals in $660 million project treated ZERO coronavirus patients

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