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Is Florida’s COVID death count exaggerated by 45%?

According to a report given to Florida’s House of Representatives by Dr. Andrew Bostom up to 45% of Florida’s COVID deaths may be mis-classified. In other words, the COVID death count in that state may be exaggerated.

It is part of the ongoing controversy that many people who died of COVID had serious underlying health issues and the question becomes did they die of COVID or with COVID.

WND explains:

Up to 45% of the deaths attributed to COVID-19 in Florida may have been wrongly classified, according to a researcher who has analyzed a report by the state House of Representatives. […]

“This aggregate mortality total indicates, plausibly, that up to 45% (6,227/13,920) of Florida’s death certificate recorded ‘Covid-19 deaths’ may not merit that classification,” Bostom wrote.

A cover memo introducing the Florida House report written by Speaker José R. Oliva warned that “national guidelines drive the [COVID-19 death] count up.”

“CDC has determined that the death count should include persons with COVID even if COVID is not an underlying cause of death,” he wrote.

In other words, anyone who died and had COVID was automatically listed as a COVID death.

READ: Report: 45% of Florida ‘COVID-19 deaths’ misclassified

Of course, this explains why a man who died in motorcycle crash in Florida was listed as dying of COVID: READFlorida man in his 20s listed among COVID-19 fatalities — but health officer says he died in motorcycle crash

And even the actual number of COVID cases being reported in the state by the health department came under question:

The Blaze explains:

According to WOFL, the Florida Department of Health has said that “countless” coronavirus testing sites across The Sunshine State have reported a near 100% positivity rate — which means every single person tested was positive— while other laboratories have reported extremely high positivity rates.

But reporters for WOFL reached out to many of those testing sites — and discovered the official figures do not reflect reality.

For example, state data showed that Orlando Health, a local hospital, had a 98% COVID-19 positivity rate. But when WOFL reached out to the hospital, hospital officials said their positivity rate is only 9.4%. 

READFlorida department of health exposed for massively overreporting positive COVID-19 cases

At the end of August, the US Centers for Disease Control released a report stating that 94% of the people listed as dying from COVID in the US had underlying health conditions. This means only 6% died solely from COVID. And here is the kicker, those who did die had an average of 2.6 underlying health issues. READCDC: 6% of coronavirus deaths were solely from COVID-19

Of course, Florida is not the only place where we have seen this problem. READTHIRD of UK Covid victims in July and August ‘died from OTHER causes’ – including cancer or being hit by a car – Oxford University scientists reveal

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