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How Communist China uses sound to torture believers?

According to Bitter Magazine, the Chinese Communist Party is resorting to unique ways of torturing believers. One method that is becoming popular is torturing believers for hours with large sounds because not only does it cause psychological and physical damage, but it doesn’t leave any visible marks.

WND Explains:

Bitter Winter, an online magazine focused on human rights violations in China, reports the members are part of the Church of Almighty God, which is banned in China.

Bitter Winter reported several of its members were arrested and tortured in prison with sound.

The report said it’s “a form of psychological warfare used to break people’s will using loud music or other noises.”

“Law enforcement authorities in China often employ this method on people of faith because it doesn’t leave visible injuries but damages them mentally.”

The report said the prolonged sound torture may produce devastating psychological and even physical effects.

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Bitter Winter discussed the impact that the loud sounds had on one believer tortured by the Chinese Communist Party:

 CAG believer from the southern province of Guangdong was arrested in 2014 and sent to a legal education center where she was kept in solitary confinement and often subjected to sound torture. She was forced to sit close to a TV set and watch videos defaming the CAG at maximum volume from early morning to late night. In a short while, the woman started hearing continuous ringing noises in her ears and felt dazed. After some more time, she began experiencing irregular heartbeats, abnormal sweating, and a splitting headache. When she was allowed to use the toilet, she felt very dizzy and almost fell to the floor.

Unable to withstand the noise, indoctrination personnel often left the room but returned from time to time to check on the believer. They would make loud noises behind her back, frightening her even more, pushing the woman to the brink of a mental breakdown.

After three days of torture, she had blurred vision, felt disoriented and extremely depressed.

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Of course, then there is also that nagging question how this brutal, despotic regime managed to get itself elected to the UN’s human rights council. READ: China and Russia win seats on UN human rights council

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