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Divorces up because of lockdowns?

It has becoming clear that there has been a social cost to the lockdowns.

It is a bit anecdotal, but one Toronto-based law firm says the number of people seeking divorce is up 20%, and they believe it is related to COVID and the lockdown. With the province of Ontario entering its second lockdown, the firm is seeing a spike of new cases.

The Toronto Sun explains:

Divorce lawyers have never been busier, as the initial lockdown was the final straw for many people. Shulman & Partners LLP, a family law firm, reports that nearly all new client inquires are COVID-related.

Isolated at home together, sometimes with small children who need to be home schooled and without any stress outlets available— no extra hands for childcare, no gym break, no socializing, no restaurant meals — has brought some couples to the breaking point.

At Shulman & Partners, there has been a 20% increase in clients in June 2020, compared to June 2019.

The stress has been compounded by the fact that people are losing their jobs. A spokesman also said they have noticed an increase in animosity between the separating couples and indications of domestic abuse.

Many of these marriages were probably already vulnerable and the Covid related lockdown was the final straw.

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Of course, this is not the first time people have noticed an increase in domestic abuse related to the lockdowns:

There have been reported increases in several countries. READ: Lockdowns around the world bring rise in domestic violence

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And the US is reporting an increase as well. READ: U.S. Lockdowns Trigger Surge in Domestic Violence

From the City Journal:

The lockdowns led to wide unemployment and economic recession, resulting in increased drug and alcohol abuse and increases in domestic abuse and suicides. Most studies in a systematic literature review found a positive association between economic recession and increased suicides.

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