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Captain America is transformed by Christ

David Hobbs before and after.
Credit: left Clarksdale Police and right Good Landings Recovery.

There is a great testimony on God TV, of how Captain America recently became a Christian. In September 2019, the story about David Hobbs, 36, went viral after he was arrested by police in Clarksdale, Mississippi for break and enter.

Of course, that in itself is not particularly unusual, but what makes it a bit different is that Hobbs was wearing a Captain America costume when police found him hiding in a backyard shed at 3 am.

As this image of a drug addict sitting in his costume with his hands cuffed behind his back at the police station went viral, he was mocked incessantly.

But one man’s heart went out to this man. When a friend sent Trey Lewis a link to the story, he immediately identified with David, because Trey, was a former meth addict himself.

But his life was transformed by Christ, and he started Good Landing Recovery, a faith-based addictions recovery center in Atlanta, Georgia. But more than that Trey also knew Dave because they had lived in the same town growing up and done drugs together.

Trey immediately contacted Dave’s mother who was heartbroken for her son as she watched his story exploding on social media, Trey said:

 “As the entire world is laughing at David, he is in a jail cell and there’s a mom that is talking to him every night, that is just horrified, embarrassed, and just can’t believe that it’s all over social media. It’s not funny when it’s attached to real people. It was heartbreaking.”

Trey then contacted David to find out if he was interested in entering addictions counselling and when David said yes, the Judge thankfully agreed despite David’s previous run-ins with the law and the fact he was still on probation for a previous conviction.

But in a few days, Oct. 23, 2020, David who has recommitted his life to Christ will celebrate his first year of sobriety and is now even working at the recovery center.

But what caught my attention was how God TV explained that part of David’s healing process included learning “how to process emotions and feelings.”

In Mathew 8:17, we are told that Jesus came to take away our infirmities and heal our diseases. The Greek word for infirmities, asthenes, refers to weaknesses or frailty in our body, but the word is also used to describe weakness of our mind and soul (Hebrews 4:15; Romans 6:19, Romans 8:26).

In other words, Jesus not only wants to heal us physically, but emotionally as well.

Helps Word Studies suggests that this Greek word also hints at addictions writing:

[769 (asthéneia) expresses the weakening influences of the illness or a particular problem, especially as someone becomes wrongly (overlydependent.]

When we believe in Jesus, God transforms us into new creatures (2 Corinthians 5:17) and at this point the Holy Spirit begins working on our thinking and emotions, so we become who we already are. It is a process that often involves forgiving those who have hurt you.

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