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CA Gov: Put masks back on between ‘bites’ while eating

With restaurants in some California counties allowed to reopen at 25% capacity, the state’s Governor, Gavin Newsom, is recommending that when in a restaurant people should be putting their masks back on between bites of food.

Here is the Tweet his office sent out explaining how to do it:

READ: Restaurant-Goers In California Told To Wear Mask ‘In Between Bites’ By Governor’s Office

Of course, this is not the first time we have heard of mask craziness. In early July, a San Antonio health official told people they should be wearing masks inside their own homes. READ: TEXAS: You should consider wearing a mask even when you’re in your own home

Meanwhile, one of Italy’s top epidemiologists has publicly criticized that country’s recent decision to require people to wear masks while outside. READ: Top Italian Epidemiologist Says Outdoor Mask Law Is ‘Wrong’

And of course, there was this clip by a MSNBC reporter about people who weren’t wearing masks outdoors:

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