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Seattle: Peaceful rioters throw explosives at police

It was another night of peaceful rioting in Seattle. This time left-wing anarchists threw explosives at police and into a Starbucks after smashing a window on Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020.

The Daily Wire writes:

Photos taken by the Seattle Police Department showed graffiti spray painted on various buildings calling for police officers to be murdered.

Law enforcement officials “arrested 16 individuals after various acts of property destruction, assault, and vandalism” that occurred during the riot, according to the police department. “A group of protestors left Cal Anderson Park shortly after 9 PM Saturday heading North. A few members of the group were seen committing acts of vandalism and property damage along the way. The group slowly made their way to the 1600 block of East Olive Way where they shattered windows and threw explosives into a coffee shop.”

The police department said that arrests were also made for failure to disperse and rendering criminal assistance after the rioters attacked police officers with what officials said was an “explosive.”

READ: Riots Break Out Again In Seattle: Starbucks, Cops Attacked With ‘Explosives,’ Police Say

But there is evidence emerging that the left-wing anarchists are upping their game and showing hints of organization.

You will notice in the video below that the peaceful rioters in Seattle now have logos professionally branded on their shields. Who is doing this and where is the money coming from?

And this isn’t the first time we have seen hints of organization.

A New York Times‘ photographer went undercover to find the white supremacists behind peaceful rioting in Santa Monica, California. Instead, Jeremy Quinn found left-wing anarchists.

But then Quinn noticed a strange thing. A person clad in Black used a crowbar to smash a store window, but never entered and stole anything. Was this person doing the groundwork setting the stage for others to loot the store? READ: Photographer Went Undercover With Looters Expecting To Find White Supremacists. Instead, He Found Anarchists

Then there was this tweet:

Meanwhile, in Portland (language warning):

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