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Australia: Premier Daniel Andrews drunk on power?

Considering that Victoria, a state located in the southeastern corner of Australia, only reported nine new cases of COVID over the past day or so, this is an absolute abuse of power.

Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, is now threatening to punish every citizen in that state because some are not obeying his dystopian order that prevents people from driving further than five kilometres from their homes in a vehicle.

Incredibly, it was reported that he was planning to ease the five kilometre restrictions in a couple of weeks, but now threatens extension because some didn’t obey him over this past weekend.

Think about it. Does the virus suddenly become more deadly when you drive six kilometres instead of five?

Premier Andrews was described as a left-wing radical before COVID hit. At the height of his dystopian COVID rules, only one person was allowed to leave their homes during the day and police were going door to door to make sure this rule was enforced.

People were not allowed to leave their homes after 8 pm unless they have papers allowing them to leave. The police were using helicopters with spotlights to find people outside their homes at night and/or those not wearing masks, which were required even outside.

And here is what happened when you were caught outdoors not wearing a mask in Victoria, even if you have a medical exemption, as this woman did. Note you will need to sign in to verify your age:

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