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Thousands pray: President Trump could be released from hospital on Monday?

It was startling news that US President Trump had come down with COVID and had been admitted to Walter Reed Hospital. At 74 years of age and some suggest over weight, President Trump fell into the category of those most vulnerable to the Coronavirus.

And even I was a bit surprised by the suggestion that the President may be released from hospital as soon as Monday. Whether he is or not, this is good news.

But maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised because thousands of people have been praying for the President.

Breitbart explains:

President Donald Trump could be released from Walter Reed Military Hospital as soon as Monday, according to the doctors at Walter Reed hospital.

“If he continues to look and feel as well as he does today, our hope is that we can plan for a discharge as early as tomorrow,” Dr. Brian Garibaldi said, noting that if the president was discharged, he would continue receiving care at the White House.

The team of doctors spoke to reporters on Sunday morning outside the hospital and said that the president was responding well to treatment.

The president had completed a second dose of remdesivir, with no side effects, and would continue on a five-day course. The team also began using a dexemethazone therapy, Garibaldi confirmed.

READ: Walter Reed Medical Team: Donald Trump Could Be Released As Soon As Monday

As I mentioned earlier, people are praying for the health of the President with thousands showing up at a rally in at Washington DC, National Mall. Many were sporting Trump MAGA hats that read “Let’s Make America Godly Again.” READ: PHOTOS: Thousands march in Washington to pray and show support for Trump AND: Thousands march in Washington to pray and show Trump support

In addition, thousands showed up at Walter Reed Hospital to pray for the President. READ: Watch Live: Trump Supporters Gather at Walter Reed Medical Center for Prayer Rally

And they were not only praying in Washington, DC, but gathering to pray in New York as well:

President Donald Trump working at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
Credit: Office of Senior Advisor Ivanka Trump/Wikipedia/Public Domain

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