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So who won the presidential debate last night?

I should mention, I am the last person you should turn to about who won the debate last night between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

I never watched the debate.

And in this post, I will present inconclusive evidence on who actually won.

This morning, when I read the comments of those who had actually watched the debate, I noticed (predictably) that those on the right argued Trump had won by the force of his arguments and those on the left that Biden had won because he seemed more presidential.

However, all unanimously agreed that the debate moderator, Chris Wallace, had clearly lost.

So who won the debate?

Well as I mentioned, it’s inconclusive, but a Canadian newspaper, The National Post, reported that during the debate a strange thing was happening on the internet:

Last night’s debate between U.S. President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden may have convinced Americans to move north of the border.

Google searches in the U.S. for the terms “move to Canada” and “how to move to Canada” skyrocketed last night, hitting their peak at around 10 p.m. Eastern time, right as the two candidates were locked in their grim battle.

These queries seemed to suggest that during the debate, some viewers were becoming increasingly convinced that one of the two candidates was winning this debate and would win the federal election.

READ: Google searches for ‘move to Canada’ skyrocket during U.S. presidential debate

Of course, this surge in interest doesn’t tell who they thought was winning? But the National Post article added this:

Cape Breton Island also made the list of related queries. The Nova Scotian island has been the subject of a long-running joke, which involves Americans trying to flee from Trump being encouraged to settle there. Radio host Rob Calabrese first set up a website,, in 2016.

POSSIBLY RELATED from the 2016 federal election: READ: 20 Stars Who Pledged to Flee the Country If Trump Was Elected: Where Are They Now?

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