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Old tech 1 – New tech 0

We are constantly bombarded with the newest and greatest technology as new tech replaces the old.

But it appears old tech isn’t going down without a fight.

In the small village of Powys, Wales, they got a hard lesson on the power of old tech as it took down the new. Every morning, exactly at 7 am, people living in this village lost their broadband internet.

Engineers were sent in to try to figure out what was going on. Though testing revealed there was nothing wrong with the network, they replaced large chunks of the cable servicing the village.

Still the problems persisted showing up exactly at 7 AM. Finally, The internet providers sent in the big guns, a special technology team, to solve the problem.

The Daily Mail reports:

Now, after a frustrating 18 months for villagers, the ‘culprit’ has finally be revealed – as an old-fashioned TV.  

Engineers discovered the TV set was emitting a burst of electrical interference at 7am each day.

They traced the signal to a property in the village and the ‘mortified’ householder confirmed that they switched on their old television at that time every day – causing the broadband in the village to be affected.

The householder, who has not been identified, immediately agreed to switch off the television and not to use it again.

READ: Mystery of village’s disappearing broadband is solved! Baffled BT engineers discover rogue signal from old-fashioned TV was causing entire Welsh village to lose internet at 7am every day for 18 MONTHS

However, some villagers, still feeling a tad bit bitter, are not satisfied with this arrangement. They want to find out who is responsible and they want to make sure this old tech has been permanently disposed of.

UPDATE: Here is an article on the pensioners and their old 16-inch TV that brought down the internet in Powys. READ: ‘My favourite guests ever!’: Welsh couple whose TV knocked out entire village’s internet for 18 months leave Piers Morgan in hysterics as GMB viewers fall in love with ‘amazing’ crocheting wife and retired farmer

I sadly have to report that the TV has been put down.


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