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100k attend anti-mask, pro-Trump rally in Montreal?

Anti-mask rally in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on Sept 12, 2020. Many of the demonstrators were carrying USA flags and Trump 2020 posters. People were also chanting “USA-USA-USA.” Video capture

Speaking as a Canadian, this is unbelievable.

Canadians aren’t just the type of people to kick up a fuss so when 100,000 people showed up at a rally in Montreal protesting the use of masks because of COVID, people pay attention.

The rally was held on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020, but what was equally intriguing is that many in the crowd were chanting “USA-USA-USA” and others were holding “Trump 2020” banners and posters or carrying American flags.

Top Trade Guru reports:

A photo journalist remarked, “It really was crazy how many American and Trump 2020 flags were there for a Canadian protest.” […]

“Trump epitomizes the revolt against globalism. People must run their affairs, not politicians. If America falls to the globalists, it’s easier for the rest of the world to follow.”

– Rally goer in Montreal, QB

Of course, not all of them were necessarily pro Trump but all were anti mask. People are demanding freedom from COVID oppression.

READ: 100,000 in Montreal Canada March for Freedom — They Chant ‘USA-USA-USA,’ Fly ‘Trump 2020’ Flags & Protest Overbearing COVID-19 Policies

Of course, when people want freedom, they often turn to America for help. It is what the demonstrators in Hong Kong did when they called for freedom from their Communist tyrant, Xi Jinping. READ: PHOTOS: Hong Kong Protesters Embrace American Flag in Fight for Freedom AND Hong Kong protesters carry Trump’s ‘Rocky’ photo in Thanksgiving rally

Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised that we see the same thing happening in Canada as Hong Kong. When, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked who his favourite country was, without hesitation he pointed to Communist China.


    • They’re supporting the freedoms in this country as we support the freedoms in other countries. As far as the masks are concerned, people aren’t protesting the wearing of masks, for each person can make their own decisions what is best for them, but they’re protesting a growing dictatorship of ideas, designed to turn us into sheep. I’m not against masks, for people can make their own decisions regarding. I’m against a growing intrusion by socialists/communists/progressives. They would have us lose all of our constitutional rights.


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