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Did Disney thank Communist agency running China’s gulags?

Communist China National Congress Credit: Public Domain/Wikipedia/Voice of America

In the credits for its recent movie, “Mulan,” Disney thanked the Turpan Municipal Bureau of Public safety based in Xinjiang, China where Disney filmed its show.

This is the same city where the Communist Party of China has allegedly set up internment camps to detain Uighurs and apparently the agency that Disney thanked, allegedly runs those camps.

The Daily Caller explains:

Human rights groups have largely stayed silent on Disney’s collaboration with Communist China despite China’s laundry list of human rights abuses.

In the credits of Disney’s newly released “Mulan,” Disney thanked the Turpan Municipal Bureau of Public Safety, a Chinese agency allegedly responsible for running internment camps that detain Muslim minority groups, according to the BBC.

Disney also filmed “Mulan” in Xinjiang, China, where the Chinese government has reportedly imprisoned Uighurs.

READ: Human Rights Groups Largely Silent On Disney Working With China Despite Human Rights Abuses

Here is the story of one woman who managed to escape one of these internment camps (not for the faint of heart). READ: A Million People Are Jailed at China’s Gulags. I Managed to Escape. Here’s What Really Goes on Inside

And a video surfaced recently:

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