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Did Seattle rioters try to murder police?

According to reports, Seattle rioters allegedly tried to seal the back door of a police precinct with fast sealing concrete in order to lock the police inside as they set fire to the building.

770 KTTH reports:

Seattle rioters used a substance suspected to be quick-dry concrete to seal shut the door to the East Precinct, the Seattle Police Department has confirmed. At the same time, the rioter attempted to set fire to the building. Photos reviewed by the Jason Rantz Show show the concrete mix and tools used.

Now, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is working with the Seattle Police Department on this investigation.

Rioters assaulted Seattle’s East Precinct on Monday night. This marked another night of violent, criminal activism against police officers unconnected to anger over a recent police shooting in Wisconsin.

READ: Rioters tried to burn Seattle police alive, sealed door during fire at East Precinct

Here is a photo of their failed attempt to seal the door:

Meanwhile, Seattle City Council voted to defund police, forcing the city mayor to veto the bill. READ: Mayor Durkan vetoes City Council’s budget plan to cut police funding

The citizens of Seattle are not happy. READ: Seattle Residents Flood Phone Lines Expressing Their Fury About Slashing Police Funding AND Most Seattle residents oppose ‘unconscionable’ plan to halve police budget, cop union’s chief says

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