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Riots force Portland police to ignore 911 calls last night

According to a report on Fox News, last night (Aug. 15-16, 2020) Portland police were forced to ignore over sixty 911 calls as officers were needed to deal with rioters.

Fox News explains:

More than 60 emergency calls to police went unheeded overnight in Portland as officers were preoccupied with hundreds of demonstrators downtown and were pelted by rocks.

On the 80th consecutive night of protests, the Portland Police Bureau declared a riot around midnight Sunday after a crowd of hundreds had blocked traffic for three hours by the Penumbra Kelly Building in the 4700 block of East Burnside Street, trespassed on the closed property and engaged in “violent, tumultuous conduct.”

READ: Over 60 Portland 911 calls go unheeded overnight as police respond to riot

Of course, it wasn’t that long ago when Portland’s Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler showed his support for rioters by joining them in their assault on a federal courthouse. READWATCH: Portland Mayor Joins Violent ‘Protest’; Booed by Protesters, Tear Gassed by Feds AND ‘This Is No Longer About George Floyd’: Portland Police Union Boss Claims Elected Officials Are Condoning ‘Destruction And Chaos’

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