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Canada’s Prime Minister faces 3rd corruption scandal

I am not sure what bucket list goals that Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has, but he is on the road to becoming the most corrupt Prime Minister in Canadian history.

His most recent scandal is now being picked up by international media involves Trudeau’s government providing a CND$932 million grant to a charity called “We” that in turn was paying his mom and family to speak at charity events.

According to an article in The Globe and Mail, Trudeau’s mother, Margaret, was paid CDN$312,000 to speak at 28 events and Trudeau’s brother Alexandre Trudeau was paid CDN$40,000 to speak at 8 events.

Oh, and Canada’s finance minister who was also involved in the decision to hand out the grant had family involved with the charity.

Breitbart explains:

On Tuesday, Trudeau faced increasing calls from both sides of the aisle for him to testify before parliament over his involvement in the federal government’s decision to grant a now-canceled $664 million [$932 million CDN] federal contract to We Charity, an organization that has paid his family members on multiple occasions for speaking engagements. […]

Both Trudeau and Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau apologized on Monday “for not recusing themselves from a cabinet decision about [the We] contract despite their personal and family ties to the organization. Mr. Trudeau’s family members, including his wife, mother, and brother, have been paid to take part in WE Charity events and Bill Morneau’s daughter is a contract employee there,” the Globe and Mail reported.

But oddly, when We asked a rather famous Canadian (ex NHL player not related to the Trudeau family) to speak at one of its events, he allegedly was told that the charity didn’t pay its speakers.

Of course, Breitbart explains that this is not Prime Minister Trudeau’s first visit to the scandal trough:

This marks Trudeau’s third ethics investigation since he was elected prime minister in 2015. Trudeau violated the Conflict of Interest Act in both previous instances. The first, in 2017, involved a vacation Trudeau took on a private island owned by the multi-billionaire Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the Ismaili Muslim sect. The second violation occurred last year when Trudeau attempted to protect the engineering company SNC-Lavalin from prosecution in a case that saw a subsidiary of the group “accused of paying bribes to secure contracts in Libya,” the BBC reported.

READ: Trudeau Admits ‘Mistake’ as He Faces Third Corruption Scandal

The Globe and Mail provides a timeline of the scandal. READ: Prime Minister Trudeau and WE Charity: The story so far

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