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Are Google and NBC besties?

Tucker explains why government needs to deal with Google’s special privileges that it in turn is allegedly abusing. He also names the politicians who seem to be protecting Google and big tech.

It’s difficult to know what is the bigger story here — that Google has the power to destroy businesses it doesn’t agree with or that NBC allegedly worked with a foreign group to attack competing American new sites?

The Blaze explains:

NBC News went on to report that it had informed Google that The Federalist made the “blacklist” of a U.K. nonprofit called the Center for Countering Digital Hate, which now boasts about having The Federalist defunded — along with numerous other conservative American sites.


NBC News bragged, “Google blocked The Federalist from its advertising platform after the NBC News Verification Unit brought the (Center for Countering Digital Hate) project to its attention.”

READ: Google demonetized The Federalist after complaint of ‘racism’ from UK group, NBC News claims

At least one politician is starting to notice the strangle-hold that Google has on businesses in America:

High fives all around: NBC reporter thanks a foreign operative for helpin interfere with American conservative news sites:

NEW — from @NBC_VC. Thanks to @SFFakeNews and @CCDHate for their hard work and collaboration!

— Adele-Momoko Fraser (@AMFraserNBC) June 16, 2020

Apparently the NBC reporter is trying to walk back her previous tweet and now claims she didn’t collaborate:

1/ To clarify this earlier tweet, we obtained this research exclusively from @SFFakeNews but we did not collaborate on the research itself.

— Adele-Momoko Fraser (@AMFraserNBC) June 17, 2020

Despite NBC‘s high fives, Google never stopped the ads at The Federalist, but warned the Conservative news site that it needed to shut down its comment section which it did. But still the question remains:

Breitbart News has approached NBC News for comment, asking: “is it appropriate for NBC News reporters to ‘collaborate’ with outside groups to defund other news sites?”

READ: NBC News Reporter Thanks Foreign Groups for ‘Collaboration’ in Pushing Google to ‘Defund’ The Federalist AND NBC News’ Adele-Momoko Fraser Walks Back Touted ‘Collaboration’ with Activist Group on Google Story

From The Federalist: Senator Ted Cruz sent a letter to Google expressing his concerns and asking for answers and transparency:

“This is part of a bigger problem. The culture of free speech in this country is under attack, and Google is helping lead the charge,” Cruz wrote.

READ: Sen. Ted Cruz Blasts Google For Censorship Of The Federalist, Demands Answers About Collusion With NBC News

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