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Was George Floyd a believer?

Most are undoubtedly familiar with George Floyd, 46, who was killed after a Minneapolis police officer put his knee on Floyd’s neck for an extended period of time. The officer involved has since been charged with third degree murder.

In an article on CBN, Christian Rapper Corey Paul Davis had this to say about Floyd:

While living in Houston, Floyd, known to many as “Big Floyd,” worked alongside Davis and other ministry partners who held a Christian outreach called “Church in The Bricks.”

The ministry took place in one of the most notorious housing projects in the city.

“Church in the Bricks was essentially we’re bringing a church service to the projects,” said Christian Rapper Reconcile. “I think Floyd loved that idea. I remember being out there one day and I was moving the baptism pool to the court to baptize some young men that had got saved and he helped pull the pool out. He was just so ecstatic, just the fact that young men were making decisions and choices for Christ and that it was happening right in the middle of the mud of the community.”

According to reports, Floyd had served time in prison but since his release was trying to turn his life around. The police had arrested Floyd for allegedly passing fake money.

Fortunately, for all of us, salvation is based on faith, not works.

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  1. My prayer is that ‘Christians for Trump’ will stand up for what Christ stood for and let the President know his choice of words, during this time of social injustice, are not in keeping with a follower of Christ.


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