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Some good news mixed with sad: COVID-19 death rates are a three-week old snapshot

The mainstream media is continually flooding us with the latest daily stats on the number of deaths from COVID-19. Then we read heart-wrenching stories of those who have died from the virus. These are real people and your heart goes out to their families.

But I have seen big, bold headlines of the latest death statistics nearly three inches high and after reading these stats and those stories you can lose hope.

But we are missing one important fact.

According to an article in The Economist:

“COVID-19 takes 20-25 days to kill victims.”

I know this sounds harsh, but it takes an average of three weeks for the virus to kill once it infects a person.

So this means the number of people who died today, in whatever country, province or state you live in, is only a snapshot of how bad things were about three weeks ago.

For current data, we need to focus on is the number of new cases and in many places those are trending down. It isn’t necessarily a straight line down, the numbers may be down one day and up the next, but the overall trend is still downward.

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