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Will a court ruling in India pave the way for rebuilding a third Jewish Temple in Jerusalem?

The location of the Dome of the Rock and Al-Asqa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Some are arguing a court case in India may set a precedent for building a third Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where the Jewish Temple stood before it was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD, now houses the Muslim Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa mosque.

Jews have been demanding access to the site for decades and a group has even been created to pave the way for the eventual reconstruction of a third Jewish Temple on the location. Called the Temple Mount Project, it has already constructed much of the furniture needed for the Temple (everything except the Ark of the Covenant) and even ordered architectural drawings for a third Temple.

All that is holding this back is that the Muslims control the site.

However, the case in India is giving those desiring a third Jewish Temple renewed hope.

The India Supreme Court recently ruled that a Mosque built in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh must be moved, because in the 1600s it was built over the site of an ancient Hindu Temple.

The site has caused conflict between Hindus and Muslims since the 1980s when a group Hindus demanded access to the site and the right to rebuild the Hindu temple. In 1992, much of the Mosque was destroyed by Hindus. Two thousand people died in the resulting riots.

In 2003, the India government ordered an archaeological survey of the site to determine if a Hindu temple once stood there. After this confirmed the remains of a 10th century Hindu Temple, a court case was launched to allow the Hindu temple to be rebuilt at the site.

In 2010, a court ruled that the 2.8 acre site must be divided equally between two Hindu groups and the Muslims allowing the Mosque to remain and the Hindu temple to be rebuilt.

However, the Muslims appealed the ruling, and this year the India Supreme Court ruled the Muslims must now vacate all the contested land and Mosque moved because it stands on top of the ancient Hindu temple. The court also ruled the government must provide the Muslims five acres of land for the mosque’s relocation.

With this example, Jewish groups are seeing a similar possibility with the Temple Mount. Though the Temple Mount is controlled by a Muslim Waqf, there is more than enough room to build a Jewish Temple on the site.

But others who believe the Dome of the Rock sits on top of the Jewish Temple claim the Muslim shrine could be moved to allowing for the construction of a Jewish Temple.

However, many believe the possibility of either of those two scenarios taking place is very remote.

Islam is the most recent of the world’s main religions having come into existence around 610 AD, when its founder Muhammad received the Koran from an angel. This took place 600 years after the formation of Christianity and thousands of years after Judaism

According to some, the similarities between what happened in India and in Jerusalem is not a coincidence. In an interview with Breaking Israel News, Dr. Mordechai Kedar, a specialist in Arab issues at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University, alleges Islam is as a form of “replacement theology.”

Kedar stated:

“Islam is, at its core, replacement theology. Not only do they see themselves as the proper replacement for all previous beliefs, but they also believe everything in those beliefs belongs to Islam. All of the figures in the Bible are Muslims. Muslims claim Jesus and all of the figures in the New Testament are Muslim.

“Islam has always taken over the holy sites of other religions. The Muslims in India did precisely what the Muslims did on the Temple Mount.”

Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Breaking Israel News

In 2014, a group of Muslims in Columbus Ohio, put up billboards around the country claiming that Jesus is a Muslim and is considered one of Islam’s prophets.

One of the billboards put up in Columbus, Ohio Photo: News with views TV/YouTube

In fact, the Koran has several references to Christ. It claims Christ to be a prophet of Islam (Surah 2:136) and because the Koran records him healing several people (Surah 3:49), Jesus is looked upon as a healing prophet.

However, the Koran states that Jesus was not the Son of God and adds that Jesus was not crucified. But it does say that Jesus was actually taken into heaven before He died.

It is uncertain if the rebuilding of a third temple fits into end times prophecy.

The Book of Ezekiel describes a temple that does not fit the description of the two temples previously build by the Jews (Ezekiel 40) and the Book of Revelation also refers to a temple (Revelation 11:1-2). However, some believe that the Church, which is described as the Temple of God because it contains the very presence of God (John 2:19-21; Ephesians 2:19-20), is a fulfillment of these two prophecies.

According to Wikipedia, there was an attempt to rebuild the Jewish Temple in 363 AD but the construction was stopped by a series of unusual circumstances that included balls of fire and an earthquake.


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