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93 | Did Jesus curse the temple? If so, what does that mean for end times prophecy?

In this podcast, I ask the question: Did Jesus curse the temple? And if so what impact does this have on end-times prophecy today?

Has Israel started the construction of the Third Temple?

Many Christians believe that a third temple will be built in Jerusalem as part of the end times prophecy leading to the second coming of Christ. And because of this, there was recent excitement on several end-times websites, when Israel365, an Orthodox Jewish website in Israel, reported that Orthodox Jews have started building the third temple. For the most part, a group of Orthodox Jews has manufactured all the utensils and furniture necessary for a functioning temple, including the sacrificial altar. They have also set up a school to train the priests on how to perform sacrificial offerings. All that is missing is the temple itself. Though at the moment there is no political will in Israel to build a temple, that would undoubtedly face violent resistance from the Muslims, there is sufficient room on the Temple Mount for a Jewish Temple. The Jordanian Waqf currently administers the site. Israel365 reports that several Orthodox Jews have started preparing the stones that would eventually be used for the construction of the temple. According to the Jewish …

Will a court ruling in India pave the way for rebuilding a third Jewish Temple in Jerusalem?

Some are arguing a court case in India may set a precedent for building a third Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where the Jewish Temple stood before it was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD, now houses the Muslim Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa mosque. Jews have been demanding access to the site for decades and a group has even been created to pave the way for the eventual reconstruction of a third Jewish Temple on the location. Called the Temple Mount Project, it has already constructed much of the furniture needed for the Temple (everything except the Ark of the Covenant) and even ordered architectural drawings for a third Temple. All that is holding this back is that the Muslims control the site. However, the case in India is giving those desiring a third Jewish Temple renewed hope. The India Supreme Court recently ruled that a Mosque built in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh must be moved, because in the 1600s it was built over the site of an ancient …

Model of Herod's Temple at the Israel Museum. Photo: Berthold Werner/Wikipedia

Has the third Jewish temple already been constructed?

In early September, Dr. Ghassan Weshah, an archaeological professor from the Islamic University of Gaza in Palestine told the media that the Biblical references to the Jewish Temple existing on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem are all a complete lie. He made these claims despite the fact the Muslim Koran refers to the temple at least twice, and even refers to King Solomon building the temple (34:13). Another Koranic verse describes the Muslims praying towards Mecca and the Jews towards their temple (Sura 2:145). However, a handful of Islamic scholars try to get around this problem by insisting that Solomon actually built a mosque, even though Islam did not appear on the scene until 1,600 years later. According to the Biblical record, Solomon built the first temple around 1000 BC and it was destroyed in 586 BC by the Babylonians who them promptly hauled thousands of Jews into captivity. Ezra constructed what is called the second Temple around 520 BC when the Persians who had defeated the Babylonians allowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem. …