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Tearing down the hostile walls

At times, my soft spot for a particular person shows up when I should be offended, as they unexpectedly direct their anger at me.

Because I am starting to realize that behind the angry words is a hurting, wounded person. And through this, I am learning to find my soft spot that overlooks and pushes through their angry energy that pops up out of nowhere directed at me or more often past me, when they’re actually angry at someone else, but I was in the way.  

I am learning not to take it personally, because it is not me they are furious at.

And, as I peek around my shield I try to reveal my heart for them and be sensitive to what might be the root cause of their anger, that often they can’t explain.

This happened to me recently. And in this situation involving a young woman, I turned and faced her trying to understand the reason for her pain. I pushed back the offense and judgement that was rising up in me and decided to break down this wall of hostility that was dividing us.

Because this is what God did for us:

“For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility.”

Ephesians 2:14

The dividing wall of hostility spoken about here is the separation between God and man. Our sin, our hostility towards God, created a barrier between the two. But God, our Heavenly Father, bridged the hostile dividing wall and made a way for mankind to connect with Him through His beloved son Jesus.

And now God wants believers, through Jesus, to help bridge the anger and hostility that people have in their lives.

And that was when I asked this young woman about her father and some of you may have read the story.

I wanted to break down the hostility, the dividing wall, that suddenly rose between us that in the end was all about her dad.

Something happened at that moment when I looked at her with compassion. She had not pushed me away. I know she felt a kindness in me that tolerated her outburst.

There was a chance she would reject my attempt but I decided to take the risk.

In an increasingly angry world, our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to tear down the dividing walls that separate us from one another.  By showing unexpected compassion, we can create a crack in the dividing wall where people can feel the love that the Heavenly Father has for them, through us.

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