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Alice Cooper, ‘shock’ rock star and Christian

Alice Cooper performing at Alexandra Palace in London, England 2011 Credit: Kimon Froussios/Flickr/Creative Commons

Alice Cooper performing at Alexandra Palace in London, England in 2011 Credit: Kimon Froussios/Flickr/Creative Commons

If there was anyone who I thought would never become a Christian, rock star Alice Cooper, 70, would have been on that list. Yet 40 years ago Cooper got a wake-up call when after bingeing on alcohol he started throwing up blood.

During his heyday that featured such mega hits as “Schools out,” he was known as the “Godfather of Shock Rock.” His stage shows took on horror show themes including fake blood, guillotines, electric chairs, snakes and tortured baby dolls.

But today Cooper publicly states he has embraced Christ and is preparing to play the role of Herod in NBC’s live version of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

In an interview with New York Daily’s Confidential, Cooper recalled his decision to become a Christian. He came from a Christian background, his grandfather was an evangelist and his dad a pastor and after leaving home, Cooper fled Christianity.

But he was drinking buddies with other famous rock stars of the day such as Jimmy Hendrix and Jim Morrison of the Doors both who died at age 27. When life choices confronted Cooper with the brutal fact he would be joining them if he didn’t change, Cooper returned to the faith of his youth.

It was a decision Cooper admits saved his life.

He is still playing rock and roll and though Cooper acknowledges some question how as a Christian he could still be performing, Cooper says:

“There is nothing in Christianity that says I can’t be a rock star. People have a very warped view of Christianity. They think it’s all very precise and we never do wrong and we’re praying all day and we’re all right-wing. It has nothing to do with that. It has to do with a one-on-one relationship with Christ.”

Both he and his wife are Christians. In an interview with Fox News,  Cooper said they have been married 40 years and neither has cheated on the other. The two briefly separated in 80s because of Cooper’s alcohol problem, but reconciled.

They read the Bible daily, go to church on Sunday and he has even started a ministry in Phoenix for youth called “Solid rock.” He is not shy about his faith, below are the lyrics from a song he wrote in 1994 entitled Cleansed By Fire:

What about truth
What about life
What about glory
What about Christ
What about peace
What about love
What about faith in God above….
You’re lost
And I’m found
And I’m Heaven Bound

It is not easy being a Christian and a celebrity, so I give Cooper credit for publicly proclaiming his faith when Hollywood and society are shouting for believers to shut up.

There is also word of encouragement for Christian parents. The Bible tells us:

Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6 NKJV)

The promise is this. Our children may go through a period when they reject their childhood faith but when they are old, they “will not depart from it.”

Keep praying because there will come a time, when God will start to draw our sons and daughters back.

Can you imagine what Alice Cooper’s pastor parents were thinking as they watched their son become a “shock” rock star? If Jesus can fulfill this promise for them, the Lord can do it for anyone.


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