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What are the odds? It reveals God is in control!

Nick Foles running for a touchdown in 24-16 victory over the Redskins in 2013. Credit: Mr.Shultz/Wikipedia/Creative Commons

Nick Foles running for a touchdown in 24-16 victory over the Redskins in 2013. Credit: Mr.Shultz/Wikipedia/Creative Commons

What are the odds that the Most Valuable Players (MVP) in the two most important football games in the US and the most important football game in Canada would be Bible-believing Christians.

Not just run of the mill Christians, but men serious about their faith.

The latest was the Superbowl game played on Sunday, when the Philadelphia Eagles upset the Superbowl-laden New England Patriots 41 – 33. The last time the Eagles won a major championship was in 1960 when they won the NFL league title. They have never won a Superbowl that was initiated in 1966 as a championship game between the AFL and NFL.

The most outstanding player of Superbowl LII was the Eagles back-up QB Nick Foles.

But for a season ending injury to their starting quarterback Carl Wentz, another sincere believer, Foles would not have played.

Over the years, Foles has spoken repeatedly of his faith and recently in an interview with CBN said that he wanted to be a pastor when his football days are over. He is currently taking Bible courses online at Liberty University for a degree in Divinity.

“My faith in the Lord means everything. I’m a believer in Jesus Christ and that’s first and foremost,” said Foles.

A perennial back up, Foles had thoughts of quitting football, but felt the Holy Spirit impress on him that God still had football plans for him. And God did. It involved an amazing victory in the Superbowl as he led a team that some say had the most Christians playing for it of any team in the NFL.

After the game, an image circulated of Philadelphia Eagle players praying and thanking God for their victory.

As Foles and even the team’s head coach testified of their faith in Christ before millions after their amazing victory on Sunday, I don’t believe it was a message for America as much as it was for believers.

God is in control.

As we look through Bible history, we see the multiple instances where God raised up believers at critical times in history — Joseph in Egypt, Esther in Persia, Nehemiah in the court of Cyrus the Great and Daniel in Babylon.

As many forces in the world, political, judicial, media and entertainment, are trying to squash the Christian voice in society, God is raising up believers to speak for Christians.

Is it just a coincidence that a back up Christian QB not only wins the Superbowl, but one also helps win the biggest college game in the US — the College National Football Championship held in Atlanta on January 8, 2018?

Tua Tagovailoa, a tongues-speaking QB came off the bench at half time, to lead the Alabama Crimson Tide to a come from behind victory over Georgia Bulldogs. Alabama was losing 13-0 at half time and even the non religious describe Alabama’s comeback as miraculous. Alabama won the game in over time 26-23.

In an interview after the game, Tagovailoa said he was speaking in tongues during the game to keep himself calm. It was an amazing feat considering he was  a rookie who had no meaningful playing time during the season.

Then in Canada, the Toronto Argonauts defeated the heavily favored Calgary Stampeders in Canadian Football League’s (CFL) Grey Cup final played on November 26, 2017. Perennial winners, the Stampeders are the Canada’s version of the New England Patriots .

Like Alabama, the Argonauts were also behind at halftime, losing 17-8.

The MVP for that game was wide receiver DeVier Posey who had seven receptions for 175 yards. His one hundred yard reception for a touchdown also set a record for the longest TD reception in a Grey Cup history.

As Posey was receiving his MVP award he spoke profusely about his faith in Christ and other Christian teammates who had a pronounced affect on him. But the most moving moment for me was when he said that his faith was making him a better father to his kids.

What are the odds that believers would be named MVP in the most important games for these three leagues?

God wants us to know that He is in control.

When people are trying to shout Christians down in the public square, God is raising up believers to speak above the clamor.

There are four things we can learn:

  1. God doesn’t anoint teams, the Holy Spirit anoints players. So don’t pray for your team to win, pray for God to anoint the Christian players on your favorite team.
  2. God is not limited by circumstances. He can anoint back-up QBs to do the job. Under God’s anointing, believers can play like all-stars.
  3. God wants us to know that He will raise-up voices on our behalf, even as society desperately tries to shut Christians down.
  4. This is also a warning to all believers. Get ready. You could be the next person up.



  1. Ken Zemlak says

    This is Philadelphia’s first Super Bowl, they won the nfl championship in 1960 but the Super Bowl is a championship game between (at that time, two leagues, afl and nfl). The first Super Bowl was played in 1966, …….fyi,totally irrelevant to your blog but the facts…….ma’am..


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