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Don’t Crash and Burn

Credit: Gillfoto/Flickr/Creative Commons

Credit: Gillfoto/Flickr/Creative Commons

One could think, “It’s only a dream,” but why does it remain in my mind and spirit days later?

I was standing with a few other people when a low-flying plane passed overhead and took a nose-dive into a nearby hill. Its nose broke off from the rest of the plane and caught fire.

Our initial reaction was one of fear – if we run toward the plane will we be caught in a blazing inferno that is certain to follow? Our fear is soon overcome by concern for the well-being of those who might still be alive. We rush toward the plane and climb into the passenger section which has remained intact.

We don’t know how many people are killed but it doesn’t appear that anyone in the front burning section could have survived. And since the two broken sections are so close, we know it is just a matter of time, minutes or maybe only seconds, that the passenger section will also catch fire and be reduced to a heap of ashes.

As we begin to rouse passengers from their seats, the plane seems to be on water and then the vessel becomes as a sinking ship. We look out the windows and see land and a dock.

Some passengers jump out on their own accord, some need assistance. Still others wait for the right time when their crashed plane (ship) will move close enough to the dock to jump to safety. We, the rescuers, stay with the passengers, all the while keeping our eyes on the dock and the burning fuselage.

The time! We warn the remaining passengers it is now the time to jump or they will be burned by fire. But many refuse – they seem comfortable in their seats. It is as if this sinking ship has now become their comfort zone.


The plane, represents a vehicle for church or a ministry. It went off-balance, the Crew (Leaders) couldn’t control it and it crashed and burned. The Passengers (their followers) couldn’t even heed the warnings to flee for solid ground but have become comfortable in this sinking and unmovable ship. The time has come for them to jump to safety or like their Pilots, they too will be destroyed by fire.

The plane (a ministry) once had wings and could fly. But it has now become a sinking vessel and solid ground is the occupants only salvation.

“Holding Faith, and a good conscience which some having put away concerning faith have made ship wreck.” (I Tim. 1:19).


The plane is just a vehicle to move us from one destination to another and is useless if it can no longer fly. Any ministry or church that goes off-balance has the potential to crash and burn. As observants, we who are standing on solid ground, are to help rescue the occupants. We are to warn and assist them out of their sinking ship, all the while discerning the time and warning of impending fire.

While in the Body of Christ today, there is much emphasize on ‘corporate’ ministry activities, we, as individuals, cannot point fingers as we are to be responsible for our own actions. (Rev. 20:12).

If Christian leaders ( pilots) allow their ministry vehicle (plane) to go off-balance, whether it is doctrinally or spiritually, that vessel will crash and burn. But those who have follow them can make their decision how long they will remain on the plane crash sight.

“Examine yourselves, whether you be in the faith; Prove your own selves ….” (II Cor. 13:5a)


Myrna Petersen is a writer/director who co-produces with other independent creative artists. Myrna has written content for web and magazine articles; authored, translated and published books; written screenplays and launched a stage musical. She has extensive communication and administrative experience in the business, medical, government and non-profit fields. Visit her website at

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