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Don’t Crash and Burn

One could think, “It’s only a dream,” but why does it remain in my mind and spirit days later? I was standing with a few other people when a low-flying plane passed overhead and took a nose-dive into a nearby hill. Its nose broke off from the rest of the plane and caught fire. Our initial reaction was one of fear – if we run toward the plane will we be caught in a blazing inferno that is certain to follow? Our fear is soon overcome by concern for the well-being of those who might still be alive. We rush toward the plane and climb into the passenger section which has remained intact. We don’t know how many people are killed but it doesn’t appear that anyone in the front burning section could have survived. And since the two broken sections are so close, we know it is just a matter of time, minutes or maybe only seconds, that the passenger section will also catch fire and be reduced to a heap of ashes. As …


Jesus appears to Muslim husband and wife in their dreams

Frontiers, is a Christian organization dedicated to preaching the Gospel among Muslims. One of their field workers recently reported on a remarkable conversion of a Muslim woman and her husband. According to the report, Gulzhan was meeting with a Christian worker for a Bible study in an unnamed isolated village. This went on for some time without the woman choosing to follow Christ. That all changed when Jesus appeared to Gulzhan in a dream. When that happened the woman knew she needed to become a Christian. As news of Gulzhan’s faith decision spread, the neighbors in the Islamic village where she lived were not impressed and immediately turned against the woman. But it was the onset of winter that drove Gulzhan from the proverbial pan into the fire. Though the cold weather reduced her interaction with the villagers, she was now in constant contact with her husband, Elemes, who was becoming increasingly agitated with Gulzhan’s faith. He would become enraged when he found his wife reading the Bible or singing hymns to God. In a …

Despite there brutal treatment of Christians, ISIS terrorists are turning to Christ because of dreams. Photo Video Capture/ABC News

Another Muslim Jihadist becomes a Christian because of a dream

Gospel Herald is reporting another conversion of an ISIS militant because of a dream. The report came via the Christian Aid Mission (CAM) who provides aid to indigenous groups in various countries around the world. The ministry was providing help to a refugee family in Amman, Jordan. When a jihadist fighter of the family heard his relatives were receiving help from Christians, he decided to visit and deal with the “unclean pigs.” When he arrived, the man actually went to a Christian meeting intending to slaughter the CAM missionaries. However, for some unknown reason he was unable to follow through with his plan. According to director of CAM for the Middle East, that night the jihadist had a dream where Jesus appeared to him. The next day he showed up at their ministry stating: “I came to kill you, but last night I saw Jesus, I want to know what you are teaching — who is this one who held me up from killing you.” The missionaries shared the Gospel with the terrorist and he …

Burn Baby Burn

[by Sandy McIntosh] This is the first step in “What Nehemiah Did and How You Can Do Anything.” And you can do anything; just don’t move until you are on fire. A few years ago I was called to a meeting at work where I was told that my position was terminated, and then someone from HR slid a piece of paper across the table. On the paper were the details of my termination settlement, which was very generous. I was one of many, but it felt personal. Today my life is better; I have switched from career to contract work and I do less work for more money, with more freedom. Who can argue with that?