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Study suggests babies feel pain in the womb in first trimester

A recent study published in the journal Cell has provided evidence that babies feel pain in the womb sooner than many in the pro-abortion camp want us to believe.

In recent years, several reports mostly by specialists doing procedures on preemies or the unborn concluded that babies feel pain in the womb. For decades, most did not believe this was possible.

This most recent study published at the end of March confirmed what others are saying. But this study differed in one important way from earlier reports. It didn’t analyze a baby’s reaction to pain but rather looked at nerve development and concluded that a baby’s nervous system is fully formed by the end of the first trimester (12 weeks).

The study described the development as an “adult-like pattern of skin innervation” and added that the baby developed it earlier than previously thought.

Despite their findings, the researchers were quick to add that this did not necessarily suggest a baby feels pain in the womb.

The theory that babies did not feel pain in the womb began to unravel in 1983. Kanwaljeet Amand — who then worked at a neonatal intensive care unit at John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford, England — noticed that premature babies going through surgery were coming to him with symptoms of shock. This included shallow breathing, grey skin and a weak pulse.

It often took Amand several hours to stabilize the infants.

He eventually received permission to follow these premature babies through their procedures and discovered that other than a paralytic to keep the infant still, a baby received no anesthesia for their operations that sometimes included heart surgery.

Further studies of these infants showed sharp spikes in stress hormones, a clear sign of stress and pain.

When hospitals started giving preemies anesthesia for their operations, it resulted in a significant jump in survival rates. Amand concluded that babies in the womb feel pain as early as 20 weeks.

This recent study is disturbing news for those in the pro-abortion camp because painful procedures are often used to abort babies including saline solutions and vacuums that rip the baby apart.

Pain also shows that these infants are not a conglomeration of cells called a fetus to make the baby seem less human.

According to the Daily Wire 12 states have already passed laws requiring anesthesia for babies during abortions.



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