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Despite threats against the church, God moves on ISIS leader through a dream

Islamic State flag and graffiti in Rhone Alpes, France. Credit: thierry ehrmann/Wikipedia

Islamic State flag and graffiti in Rhone Alpes, France. Credit: thierry ehrmann/Wikipedia

According to USA Today, the Islamic terrorist group, ISIS, is urging radical followers to attack Christians attending New Year’s eve church services.

This was based on a report issued by the SITE Intelligence Group, an organization that regularly tracks Jihadist websites, forums and social media. SITE states that Jihadist social media messages are encouraging lone-wolf attacks against churches.

The report specifically noted four countries were listed as targets — Canada, US, Holland and France.

Confirming this report, the FBI issued a warning to churches in the US to be vigilant about possible ISIS attacks during New Year services.

The FBI said it has picked up increased chatter of possible strikes against churches and though there were no specifics it issued a general warning.

According to Vocatv, Islāmic groups are increasingly using a social media app called Telegram to communicate with followers. It reported on a similar message in Arabic issued by a user who went by the name Abu Marya al-Iraqi:

“for bloody celebrations in the Christian New Year … turn the Christian New Year into a bloody horror movie.”

ISIS claimed responsibility for the December 19th attack in Berlin, when a Tunisian man, Anis Amri rammed a truck into a crowd of people attending a local Christmas market killing 12. ISIS called Amri “a soldier of the Islāmic state.”

Yet, despite this God is moving among those encouraging the violence.

Charisma News stated that a high-ranking ISIS leader recently converted to Christianity. According to the report, the man who goes by the name Muhammad became a Christian after watching a Christian program broadcast on the Leading the Way’s satellite TV channel.

Originally when the ISIS commander called the TV program saying he wanted to become a Christian, he was hoping to entice believers into a meeting with the intent to kill them.

Leading the Way was already aware of such plots and was closely vetting the calls they received.

However, in this specific case one of Leading the Way’s team leaders — who for safety reasons they only refer to as Peter — felt God say this call was different and that Peter needed to follow-up with the person who had contacted their organization.

It seemed God had other plans.

When Peter met with Muhammad, the ISIS leader confessed that he initially planned to use the meeting to kill Peter, but God gave Muhammad a dream warning him not to. The man then began to experience surging feelings of guilt about his plan.

In that meeting with Peter, the ISIS leader repented of his sin and became a Christian.

Most consider, the Book of Job as one of the oldest books in the Bible and it talks about God using dreams to warn people:

“Indeed God speaks once,
Or twice, yet no one notices it.
15 “In a dream, a vision of the night,
When sound sleep falls on men,
While they slumber in their beds,
16 Then He opens the ears of men,
And seals their instruction, (Job 33:14-16 NASV)

The verse suggests that as people sleep they may be more open to receiving communications from God than when they are awake.

The verse talks about dreams ‘sealing’ instruction.  The Hebrew word for ‘seal’ is ‘chatham’ and refers to the seal a king imprints on a message in either clay or wax to confirm its legitimacy.

God used dreams to warn Pilate’s wife that her husband was convicting an innocent man (Matthew 27:17-19) and warned the Egyptian Pharaoh of impending economic chaos (Genesis 41:1-8). In both these instances, warnings were given to people who most would consider non-believers.

And we know from the book of Joel that in the end times, God would use dreams and visions to communicate with people. Though I have to admit, when I read this passage in the past I never once suspected God would use dreams to convert people to Jesus — but the verse does say it would happen to “all mankind.”

‘And it shall be in the last days,’ God says,
That I will pour forth of My Spirit on all mankind;
And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
And your young men shall see visions,
And your old men shall dream dreams; (Acts 2:17 NASV)



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