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Woman states “I’ve had 5 abortions because I love getting pregnant but just not ready for kids”

As evidence mounts that an aborted child feels pain, its easy access seems to have turned abortion into a game for some women.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, women are anonymously sharing their feelings about abortion on an app called Whisper.

Released in March 2012, Whisper allows users to anonymously post message overlaid on top of images. When a person opens the app they will immediately see six images with the secrets and even some confessions printed on top. It also provides a search feature for message themes.

People can then respond to the person’s secret either publicly or privately, though no personal information is shared.

It has about 10 million users, and according to reports it is popular among university students.

Though most posts display a person’s fears or dreams, some women, taking advantage of its anonymity, are using Whisper to post their abortion stories.

Perhaps the most disturbing involved one woman who stated:

“I’ve had 5 abortions because I love getting pregnant but just not ready for kids.”

Another woman posted:

“Having an abortion was the easiest decision of my life.”

Several wrote about how easy and guilt-free their abortion experience was including:

“I had an abortion a week ago. I don’t feel the slightest bit of guilt. I even went out to a club on the same day.”

“Sometimes I feel guilty over that fact that I feel no guilt about my abortion.”

Like the woman who said she enjoyed getting pregnant but wasn’t ready for kids, several indicated they had more than one abortion.

“I don’t feel sorry for my abortions. It’s been years and I don’t feel the remorse people told me I would have.”

“I have had two abortions in two years. I keep waiting for the guilt to come, but so far I feel nothing.”

“I have had five abortions and I don’t feel bad or sad about any of them. I am kinda happy.”

This falls in line with a study out of England that revealed for 40% of women aborting their child, it was not their first abortion.

Though it seems from these Whisper postings that women can go through an abortion emotionally unscathed, this is not the case for the most women.

An article published on Lifenews.com entitled Eight Facts Most People Don’t Know About How Abortion Hurts Women looked at various studies showing the negative impact of abortion on women.

One study revealed 65% of women suffer depression as result of having an abortion and another published in the Medical Science Monitor stated the majority of women who aborted suffered symptoms similar to Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

A study by M. Gissler looking at pregnancies in Finland concluded that women who aborted were six times more likely to commit suicide than those who gave birth to their child.

But it seems some women can abort with little or no mental consequence. Though posting a comment on Whisper saying you are guilt free may only mean you have suffered no mental anguish up to this point.

A day of reckoning may still be coming.



  1. Nikki says

    I flat don’t believe it. Due t the fact that the posts are anonymous, there is no way to confirm that the posts are even posted by women. Could likely be someone with an agenda. I can’t believe that any sane woman in her right mind would get pregnant on purpose with the intent to abort. BS I say. Makes for a great headline for this particular news letter and others like it . I am pro-life, but try not to judge women who have had abortions, because unlike what is represented here, I believe these women do feel great guilt over the decision, and were very alone, afraid, and uniformed when the decision was made.


    • It is anonymous and what you suggest is certainly possible. However, seeing the brutality people are capable of displaying to one another, nothing surprises me anymore. Maybe I am a bit cynical. Studies do show that 65% of women regret their abortion, but to suggest all do I think is equally wrong as well. And it is possible at the moment they genuinely don’t feel any regret, but I have heard stories of it catching up to women later in life.

      What is disturbing is that such statements may influence women to abort with devastating emotional consequences.


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