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Nearly 40% of women having abortions in England had a previous abortion

The biggest lie of the abortion industry is that babies are unwanted.

The biggest lie of the abortion industry is that babies are unwanted.

[by Dean Smith] New figures out of England show some disturbing news on abortions. According to the country’s Department of Health in 2014 37% of women in England and Wales who had an abortion had already had at least one earlier abortion. These figures match those found in France and Sweden.

In an effort to justify these numbers, abortion activists claim that birth control is not 100% resulting in unwanted pregnancies, however, some suggest that for some women abortion is their form of birth control.

Perhaps the biggest lie promoted by the abortion industry is that they involve unwanted pregnancies — inconvenient, maybe, unwanted no. Couples are paying tens of thousands of dollars to adopt children overseas because there are essentially no babies available in their home country. If a woman chose to carry her child to term, there would be couples lined up willing to adopt. So don’t call the child unwanted.

The statistics also revealed that 54% of women who aborted already had children. Convenience seems to have become the main reason for abortion as women aged 30 are now more likely to have an abortion than teenage girls.

For the second year in a row, 2013 and 2014, women aged 22 are the most likely to have an abortion.

In England, the government only allows abortions before 24 weeks and it is a criminal offense to have an abortion after that time. The statistics showed that 93% of abortions took place before 13 week mark.

However, abortion activists are pushing to increase the age that a child can be aborted in England, but so far the government has resisted.

Studies have shown that babies in the womb, 20 weeks or younger, experience pain and some late-term abortion procedures result in babies being ripped or cut apart so they can bleed out.

There was a small bit of good news in the stats. The number of women who had abortions in 2014 — 184,571 — is down .4% from the previous year.

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