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Is God blowing Hamas missles off course?

Screen capture of Israeli news article reporting how a wind pushed a Hamas missile off target: kooker.co.il

Screen capture of Israeli news article reporting how a wind pushed a Hamas missile off target: kooker.co.il

In a previous article, I wrote on how Hamas terrorists are reportedly complaining that Israel’s God is causing their missiles to miss the targets.

Hamas is bombarding Israel with thousands of missiles. Israel uses an Iron Dome system to send up counter-strike missiles to knock out Hamas rockets as they are in flight.

There are estimates Israel is intercepting between 30% to 40% of Hamas’ missiles. The problem is there are not enough Iron Dome batteries to effectively cover all of Israel, but still the Iron Dome is proving an effective defense. However, even with its efficiency, due to the thousands of missiles Hamas is launching at Israel, hundreds are still getting through.

However a report of one errant Hamas missile attack may be a further sign God is intervening in this war.

An article on an Israeli news website, kooker.co.il, reported the testimony of one of Israel’s Iron Dome operators. The Iron Dome system can track missiles and predict where they will hit within a radius of 200 meters.

The operator said they were tracking a Hamas missile, and according to its trajectory expected it would either hit the Kirya — Israel’s equivalent of the pentagon, nearby towers or a rail station. The hit on the Kirja would have been a significant morale victory for Hamas. However, any of those targets would cause major damage and death. Emergency teams in the area were pre-warned about the imminent attack.

The Iron Dome battery fired a missile at the Hamas rocket, but it missed. The battery fired a second and it also missed. The battery operator was shocked by the failure.  With only seconds left before it hit, the battery commander knew there was nothing that could be done.

However, the Iron Dome system also tracks wind, a necessary step when launching its counter attack. As they watched the Hamas missile slither towards its target, they noticed the Iron Dome reporting a strong wind picking up.

Israel Today provides a translation of what happened next:

“Suddenly, Iron Dome (which calculates wind speeds, among other things) shows a major wind coming from the east, a strong wind that…sends the missile into the sea. We were all stunned. I stood up and shouted, ‘There is a God!’

“I witnessed this miracle with my own eyes. It was not told or reported to me. I saw the hand of God send that missile into the sea.”

Though Israel has not accepted Jesus as the Messiah, the Apostle Paul saw a day when this would happen (Romans 11:26.) Until then, God’s purposes are being fulfilled.

God uses the wind

If God did intervene, this isn’t the first time He used a wind to deliver Israel.

During Israel’s Exodus out of Egypt, the eighth plague was caused by a wind. Exodus 10:13 records that God raised up an east wind to blow all night bringing in a locust plague that devastated Egypt’s crops. God stopped this judgment through a west wind that then carried the locusts into the sea (Exodus 10:19.)

A wind was also used to part the sea when the Egyptian army pursued Israel after the pharaoh changed his mind about Israel’s release.  In Exodus 14:21, as Moses lifted up his hand over the sea, God sent a powerful East wind through the night which parted the sea allowing Israel safe passage across.

God even sent a great wind, Jonah 1:4, to force his prophet to finally obey God’s command to preach to city of Niniveh. When Jonah tried escape God’s call, he boarded a ship to Tarshish. God used the wind to cause a massive storm putting the ship in peril. The sailors tossed Jonah overboard when they realized he was the source of the problem.


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  1. Martha says

    We do know that God can truly change the wind or whatever is needed to fulfill His plans and purpose. Instead of fear, let us give praises that we can
    know that the Creator is still in control. If only the leaders of nations could realize that everything should be done as unto and for the great Jehovah.


  2. Gregg says

    The same God is claimed by both Muslims and Israelis. So you would think that if Hamas is believing that God is changing the path of their missiles, that maybe they would see themselves in the wrong. that maybe God is giving them a hint as to who He is looking after in this conflict. So maybe PEACE would be a good strategy!


    • Neither the Hamas or Jews believe they are worshiping the same God. Even the Hamas statement about the God of the Jews causing the Hamas missiles to miss suggests this. The Koran took Muslims in a different direction, it over rules anything in the Bible. Muslims do not believe the Old Testament is scripture. The Jews and Christians believe in the same God and even share some of the same scripture, where they differ is on the issue if Jesus is the Messiah.


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