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We Almost Lost It All Last Week

Where I live, we are just recovering from some severe cold weather. Apparently, we were colder than the South Pole. The people who tell us about the weather like to tell stories about the weather, but in the middle of the cold spell, we nearly lost everything we have at home, possibly including our lives. This really happened. Last Sunday, we had a stay at home day. I like to go to church, but I had vehicle problems in the cold, and it seemed wise to stay safe at home. We had a boring day, but when we thought about going out, we just looked out the window and changed out minds. Late in the day, I asked my wife if she wanted to take a break and go out, and we were thinking about it. That’s when we heard the noise. I thought I heard the sound of a vehicle backing up outside. You probably know how a back-up alarm beeps many times. This alarm beeped too many times. It almost seemed like someone …

Ninja Jesus: Fight the Good Fight

Using the word “Ninja” and the name “Jesus” in the same sentence might seem wrong to some people, but don’t judge too quickly. There is a lesson to learn here. I was talking to a friend today, and I told him how I once had a stressful job, and I got the impression that I should find a new job. I found one, and a few days after I moved, senior management called a meeting and fired my old department. I learned about this months later. My friend was amazed, and he told me that someone must have been watching over me. I realized when he said it, that he was right. Some power kept me from the termination of my career, unlike many of my friends. Some power. Years ago, I read a news article from Belarus, where the government was evicting and closing a Pentecostal church. Someone wrote a comment in Russian, and I put the words in Google Translate, and I read this story; ‘Don’t close that church. When my little boy …

A touch of heaven

I felt a light touch and then it was gone. It was a bright and beautiful fall day. My jacket was open because it was getting warm.  My daughter and I were running errands and crossing the mall parking lot to the bank. There was a spring in my step.   Life was good and there was so much to be grateful for lately. The warmth and brightness of the sun made it even better. I saw the truck out of the corner of my eye as it rounded the corner where we were crossing the parking lot.  I hesitated and then stepped forward confident that he had seen me. It was a big, white, wide, 4×4 truck.  As my daughter and I continued across the road I was blinded by a white light in the shape of a large cross.  It was the cross that struck me in that moment. I heard my daughter’s concerned voice urgently say,  “Mom, did you feel that?  That truck touched your leg!” Then, I remembered the gentle touch, …

Is God blowing Hamas missles off course?

In a previous article, I wrote on how Hamas terrorists are reportedly complaining that Israel’s God is causing their missiles to miss the targets. Hamas is bombarding Israel with thousands of missiles. Israel uses an Iron Dome system to send up counter-strike missiles to knock out Hamas rockets as they are in flight. There are estimates Israel is intercepting between 30% to 40% of Hamas’ missiles. The problem is there are not enough Iron Dome batteries to effectively cover all of Israel, but still the Iron Dome is proving an effective defense. However, even with its efficiency, due to the thousands of missiles Hamas is launching at Israel, hundreds are still getting through. However a report of one errant Hamas missile attack may be a further sign God is intervening in this war.

Flying under the radar, Brian Meiss steps up for his God appointment and stops further bloodshed

[UPDATED June 10, 2014 includes Brian Meiss’ statement] Rebekah Ogimachi described her classmate as a “kind of under the radar” type of guy. But Pacific University student Brian Meiss, 22, was dramatically thrust into the limelight when he disarmed a gunman who had already shot and killed one student on campus and injured several others (one critically). The university is located in Seattle, Washington USA. Brian who is getting married this summer is studying engineering. Friends describe him as a “devout” Christian. On the afternoon of Thursday, June 5, 2014, a gunman entered Otto Miller Hall where Brian, who was working as a monitor, was sitting at a desk in the foyer. After emptying his gun, the suspect Aaron R. Ybarra started to reload. Brian moved in, pepper sprayed the man, tackled Ybarra holding him in a choke hold.