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The single-celled bacteria that refuses to follow the evolutionary script

The MO-1 bacteria with its advanced gear box. The yellow color designates the main flagella. Image God Alive

The MO-1 bacteria with its advanced gear box (right). The larger, yellow-colored gears designates the main flagella. Images Genesis Alive

Evolutionists want you to believe that when life evolved on earth it started with  a very simple, single-celled bacteria.

However, research is revealing that these single-celled bacteria are anything but simple.

In November 2012, scientists from Osaka University in Japan and France’s Aix-Marseille Universite released a report showing the results of their study on how the MO-1 marine bacterium is able to move through water. This bacterium was found in rock that evolutionists consider to be three billion years old making it among the oldest forms found (again according to evolutionists who may now be regretting this declaration). 

The scientists used an electron microscope to study the inner workings of the bacteria and found that a complex design of motors and gears are used to move the bacteria through water.

In layman’s terms, this bacteria has seven propellers (flagella) that spin to create motion with a separate motor running each flagella. Of course, with seven props and seven motors, this bacteria is built for speed and is known as “the Ferrari of flagella.” It is able to swim ten times faster than neighboring bacteria.

It can reach speeds of 100 body lengths per second compared to a cheetah that can only do a paltry 25.

But having seven props and seven separate motors is also an engineering nightmare. These seven have to completely sync or the bacteria would spin endlessly out of control. But here it is working perfectly and if evolutionists are to be believed, this simplest life form spontaneously appeared ready to tear up the bacteria racetrack.

The bacteria have a hexagon array of 24 gears that sync the seven motors/propellers to produce combined thrust for maximum power. Yes, there are gears complete with teeth that interlock with the larger gears of the individual motors.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Speaking on behalf of Genesis Alive, founder Mark Rose who wrote on this remarkable discovery said:

“The seven tails (flagella) rotate one way, and the smaller gears rotate the opposite way to maximize torque while minimizing friction.

The seven flagella propellers are inter-linked for minimum drag profile and maximum thrust by using 24 gears and a sheath, similar to modern aircraft and mufti-engine helicopters!”

This is a very complex form of machinery requiring advanced design and manufacturing. According, to Rose, the best humans have come up with to date is a three-engined helicopter, the SA315B Lama, but it has multiple gear boxes to help sync the three motors.

The helicopter didn’t come together by accident, thought and hundreds of hours went into its design that allows it to easily ascend to 24,000 feet, but evolutionists want us to believe it just appeared out of nowhere — like magic.

20 Then God said, “Let the waters teem with swarms of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth in the open expanse of the heavens.”and God saw that it was good. (Genesis 1:20, 24b NASV)


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