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Record number of “great” earthquakes in April?

Portrayal of earthquakes occurring between Jan and April 30, 2014  Image capture: PTWC YouTube animation

Portrayal of earthquakes occurring between Jan and April 30, 2014 Image capture: PTWC YouTube animation

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) stated that April 2014 “easily” smashed the record for the most large earthquakes in one month since the Center started recording earthquakes in 1949.

The earthquakes started abruptly on April 1, when a major one, 8.2 magnitude, hit Chile. The PTWC considers earthquakes greater than a 6.5 magnitude as large.

During the month of April there were 13 major earthquakes. Though smaller earthquakes occur almost on an hourly basis on the earth, a normal month only averages between one and two large earthquakes exceeding 6.5. The PTWC noted that in April five of the earthquakes were greater than 7.8, resulting in tsunami alerts.

Having 13 large earthquakes happening in one month (compared to a monthly average of one to two) is a significant seismic event. The Center had no explanation on why there was such a dramatic increase.

Normally earthquakes spawn off each other and are found clustered together in certain areas. However, during April, the large ones were spread around the world. Large earthquakes hit Chile, Solomon Islands, Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua and South Atlantic. Major earthquakes in the South Atlantic region are rare events.

The PTWC was first set up in 1949 to monitor earthquakes and related tsunamis in the Pacific ocean. It expanded its network of sensors after the 2004 earthquake/tsunami hit the Indian Ocean and now records seismic activity over most of the world.

Watch PTWC’s earthquake animation

The PTWC created an animation showing the earthquakes happening day by day between January 1, 2014 and April 30, 2014. This includes all earthquakes small and large. The size and color of the dot reflects the size of the earthquake.

Earthquake rankings:

  • 1-2 magnitude: People will not feel these earthquakes but instruments will detect them.
  • 3 magnitude: People indoors will feel a bit of a tremor similar to the passing of a large truck
  • 4 magnitude: An earthquake this large can crack walls. Trees can be weakened.
  • 5 magnitude: Furniture will be moved in a home and it can damage buildings that are poorly constructed.
  • 6 magnitude: At this level walls can collapse. Fireplaces are particularly vulnerable. Depending on the quality of construction damage can range from moderate to heavy.
  • 7 magnitude: All buildings in the area will suffer major damage. There will also be cracks in the ground and potential for landslides.
  • 8 magnitude: All buildings will be destroyed.

End time earthquakes

As I noted in previous articles, earthquakes will be one of the significant events marking the end times.

Speaking about the end of the age and His return, Jesus spoke of an increase in “great” earthquakes saying:

“Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, 11 and there will be great earthquakes, and in various places plagues and famines; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.” (Luke 21:10-11 NASV)

Progressive revelation:

Throughout the Bible we see progressive revelation as we draw closer to a prophesied event.

As an example, in the book of Genesis we have a the first vague reference to the coming of Jesus. After Adam and Eve’s fall into sin, we are told the seed of the woman would stomp on the head of Satan (Genesis 3:15). As we draw closer to the coming of Christ, the revelation becomes more detailed. Moses describes Jesus as a prophet (Deuteronomy 18:15). When Micah shows up, the revelation is much more specific. He prophesies the actual place where Jesus will be born — Bethlehem (Micah 5:2). Isaiah, a contemporary of Micah, prophesies about Jesus’ death (Isaiah 53).

The same principle of progressive revelation applies to earthquakes. As we draw closer to the end times, the revelation becomes more detailed:

Progressive revelation on earthquakes?

Prophet Joel
835 BC to 800 BC
Joel speaks about the coming Day of the Lord. He does not mention earthquakes, but describes massive destruction “blood, fire, and columns of smoke.” He says it will happen in conjunction with three other signs: wonders in the sky, a blood moon and a solar eclipse. (Joel 2:30-33)
Jesus Christ
30 AD to 33 AD
Jesus says His second coming and the end of the age will be marked by an increase in earthquakes in various places. (Matthew 24:7). Jesus further describes them as “Great earthquakes” (Luke 21:11).
Apostle John
60 AD to 96 AD
Generally felt he had his vision during the reign of Nero 60 AD or Domitian 95/96 AD.
In his end-time vision recorded in the Book of Revelation, the Apostle John says there will be one “great earthquake” that will stand out from the crowd. It will be the mother of all earthquakes. This “great” earthquake combined with three other signs (blood moon, solar eclipse, and stars falling from the sky) will mark the opening of the sixth seal (Revelation 6:12). He does not mention where this earthquake will take place.
David Wilkerson?

Uncertain if his vision is legitimate. However, Joel prophesied that in the end times, the Holy Spirit would be poured out and old men will dream dreams and young men will see visions (Joel 2:28).
David Wilkerson has a vision of a massive earthquake in the US. It will be so large, networks will stop regular broadcasting to film its aftermath. Wilkerson believes it will happen somewhere else other than California. He says the US earthquake will be one of the biggest news event of modern times. He adds that it may be preceded by a massive earthquake in Japan — (The Vision published in 1974). David Wilkerson dies in a car accident on April 27, 2011 two weeks later a massive earthquake hits Japan March 11, 2011.


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