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Why would a new graveyard horrify feminists and infuriate the radical left?

Why all the fuss over a new graveyard in Florence, Italy? Photo Florence, Italy Wikipedia/Flickr/Sherseydc

Why all the fuss over a graveyard for babies in Florence, Italy? Photo Florence, Italy Wikipedia/Flickr/Sherseydc

Horrified feminists. Infuriated socialists. And it’s all over a new graveyard in Florence, Italy.

Since 1996, the Trespiano graveyard set aside space for babies who died before birth. This included those killed in abortions. But it was all unofficial.

In 1990, the government passed a law requiring municipalities to bury all children dying before birth. According to Stefania Saccardia, Florence’s deputy major, since 1996 over 1,000 babies have been buried in this area of the graveyard.

In November 2013 — in an overwhelming majority vote (30 for, 4 against with 7 abstaining) — Florence city council changed the status of this area making it an official graveyard for children who died before birth.

The declaration allows people to set up tombstones to mark the graves including those babies killed through abortions.

When the city council passed the motion, there was an immediate backlash from feminists and radical socialists. Feminist journalist Maria Terragni called the move a “horror.” Representatives of the Radical party (an extreme leftist party in Italy) described the graveyard as “macabre.”

Elisa Calessi responded to these accusations in Libero Quotidian newspaper:

“If there is a horror, and there is, it is not in the memory of those who died, but in the way death was procured when it happens and is not named as such.”

“What’s macabre in wanting to remember a creäture with two arms, two hands, one head, two eyes, two ears; a being who could live, who lacked nothing, and instead whose life is now done? What’s macabre in allowing those who have suffered the pain to have a place to remember him?”

The Libero Quotidian newspaper published in Milan, Italy is a centre right publication. In 2007, police arrested members of Italy Red Brigade (a radical Marxist-Leninist paramilitary group) for plotting to firebomb the newspaper’s editorial offices.

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