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Did Bloomberg news agency censor a story critical of China’s Communist elite?

According to NPR, six years ago an editor with Bloomberg news agency, founded by former Democrat Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, allegedly squashed an investigation into immense wealth of China’s communist elite.

Does this expose the real nature of the Communist dictatorship in China?

The Daily Mail reports that at the start of the COVID-19 crisis in China, Italy donated ventilators, masks and other equipment to help the Chinese people. When China did not use all that had been donated, Italy, now in dire straights, asked if China would return what hadn’t been used. According to reports, China made Italy pay for the very equipment, the Italians had originally donated: READ: China ‘forces Italy to BUY back masks and coronavirus supplies it had DONATED to Beijing just weeks earlier’

Beijing, China Credit: Oneris Daniel Rico Garcia/Flickr/Creative Commons

Is China’s ‘social credit’ system setting the stage for the antichrist?

Some experts are warning that other left-leaning governments may soon be tempted to carry out the Chinese government’s “Social Credit” system that came into full effect on May 1, 2018. The plan introduced by Chinese President Jinping will monitor and control those who don’t agree with China’s communistic policies. People will be issued a score based on their political, social and economic activities and this score will affect their ability to do things in China. Some suspect it is simply expanding a “Social Credit” system already developed by a major government-owned online Chinese retailer Alibaba. Alibaba’s financial division, Ant Financial, developed a social credit system called Sesame Credit. While many western businesses have a point system rewarding people based on how much they buy, Sesame Credit includes a strong social aspect in its system where people receive a rating between 350 and 950. The higher the score the better. The benefits of a high Sesame score include having government visa’s fast tracked, renting vehicles without a deposit. People with high Sesame ratings will even receive …