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Communist China crushes Hong Kong democracy movement

With all eyes on the coronavirus, that most believe leaked out of a ‘high security’ virus lab in Wuhan, China’s communist overlords are taking the opportunity to crush the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong.

The New York Post writes:

Proving its word worthless, Beijing is moving to crush Hong Kong’s liberties 27 years ahead of schedule, in blatant violation of the deal that saw Britain hand rule of the city over to the mainland.

Specifically, China has ordered the national legislature to pass a new law for Hong Kong, bypassing the island’s Legislative Council. Put simply, it will criminalize protest and dissent, treating it as subversion, treason or foreign interference — and allowing mainland officials to “legally” crack down on whatever the hell they want.

This also leaves Hong Kong’s huge democracy movement helpless to block the legislation ….”

READ: China’s sudden rush to crush Hong Kong’s freedom

Britain administered Hong Kong until July 1, 1997, and in the turnover agreement, the Communist regime agreed to allow Hong Kong to remain semi-autonomous until 2047. The communists lied, call me shocked.

Many believe the regime have been lying about the coronavirus since the day it first showed up in China.

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