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Is it time to hold China’s Communist regime to account?

News video highlighting some of Australia’s concerns about the Communist regime in China

There are a number of serious allegations being made against China particularly that it initially suppressed the seriousness of the pandemic in order to scoop up medical supplies from the rest of the world.

Then knowing full well that the pandemic was spreading in Wuhan, the communist regime allegedly allowed citizens of that city to travel around the world.

Perhaps the one allegation that clearly reveals the corrupt nature of China’s Communist regime is during the early stages of the COVID-19 breakout in Wuhan, Italy donated medical equipment to the China, which it didn’t fully use. Then when the virus took a hold in Italy, the Italians asked if they could have the unused equipment back. China refused, forcing the Italians to buy back the equipment they had donated to China. READChina ‘forces Italy to BUY back masks and coronavirus supplies it had DONATED to Beijing just weeks earlier’

But there is good news, several groups are beginning to launch lawsuits against the Communist regime. READ: At Least Four Class-Action Suits Filed Against China, Seeking Trillions Over Coronavirus Outbreak in U.S.

And there are many assets to claim, as the communist regime has been buying companies around the world, including:

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Should we be concerned?

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