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Is Communist China seizing territory of other nations?

According to a report in the EurAsian Times, China’s communist regime is aggressively seizing territory belonging to other countries and most recently laid claim to the Russian city of Vladivostok, a city the Russians received in a treaty with China in 1860.

However, in the case of the Russian city, it involves mostly a twitter spat.

But in other instances involving countries that China considers weaker it just seizes the territory.

EurAsian Times reports:

Indian media was quick to react to the Chinese claims and blasted Beijing for having an insatiable appetite for territory.

Wion TV stated that China dismisses treaties that don’t suit it and mentioned its territorial disputes with 20 countries including Russian, India, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Laos, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, North Korea etc.

Times Now, one of the biggest Indian media outlets also published an article talking about Chinese expansionism in Russia, Nepal and Bhutan.

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Reports are suggesting that the Communist regime is taking advantage of the Corornavirus distraction to aggressively claim more territory. READ: China Debuts ‘Research Stations’ in South China Sea While World Battles Coronavirus

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