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Communist China passes law to censor the whole world

According to a report in the National Post, new legislation passed by China’s communist regime to curb Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement and criticism of the totalitarian communist regime applies to the whole world.

And already Chinese people living outside of China and Hong Kong are going through their social media postings and deleting any posts that could be perceived as criticism of the communist regime.

Referred to as Article 38, it makes it illegal to criticize the communist despots outside of China, meaning anyone who visits China/Hong Kong could be arrested for what they said outside the country.

National Post writes:

“I know of no reason not to think it means what it appears to say: (Beijing) is asserting extraterritorial jurisdiction over every person on the planet,” said a blog post by Donald Clarke, a George Washington University professor specializing in Chinese law. “If you’ve ever said anything that might offend the PRC or Hong Kong authorities, stay out of Hong Kong. ”

However, it doesn’t stop there, the article also provides examples of Communist operatives illegally kidnapping citizens of other countries and taking them back to China for trial and of people visiting countries that have a close relationship with China also being turned over to Chinese authorities.

The cases cited involved people who were pro-democracy advocates. READ: Section applying Chinese national security law to whole world chills Canadian activists

Then there was the interesting case of a reporter from China’s state-run media taking photos of all the Australian reporters attending a news conference by Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison on China.

For the record, Australia has been very critical of the Communist regime’s handling/cover-up of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Australian news site,, reports:

SBS chief political correspondent Brett Mason reported members of China’s state-run media were “diligently photographing the assembled crowd but not pleased to be photographed themselves”. […]

An Australian official’s press conference was last month hijacked by a Chinese official prompting concerns about China’s increasing reach into Australian politics.

READ: Chinese state media journalist did not want to be filmed at Scott Morrison press conference

So, one of the Australian reporters started filming the communist regime’s reporters:

Reporters from Chinese state media try to suppress filming of their presence at PM press conference today – clip from @BrettMasonNews report tonight

— Rashida Yosufzai (@Rashidajourno) June 26, 2020

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