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Video: Mother unloads on District Attorney Alvin Bragg over brutal murder of her son

New York Count District Attorney Alvin Bragg
Credit: NYC Mayor’s Office/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

Most of you have heard of the left wing New York County District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, who has brought forward 34 indictments against former US President Donald Trump.

Well, here is another side of DA Bragg brought to you by a mother, whose son was brutally murdered in Harlem, New York by four people who he did not know and had not interacted with. It was a random and brutal murder.

The victim’s mother explains what happened next to those criminals after Bragg became District Attorney.

Jesus prophetically said that in the days leading up to His second coming, there would be a dramatic increase in lawlessness in the end times, and because of that people’s hearts will grow cold (Matthew 24:12).

What is shocking is that we are seeing lawlessness increasing as woke, left-wing politicians and DAs are refusing to properly prosecute criminals.

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