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Cuban officials detain and interrogate 7-year-old girl for not being sufficiently communist

We are seeing children being attacked around the world, but perhaps the most blatant display was seen in Cuba, which has taken a sharp turn to the left due to the influence of Communist China.

Communist authorities recently detained and interrogated the seven-year-old daughter of an anti-communist dissident to find out if she had sufficient communist revolutionary fervor.

Breitbart provides more details:

Communist state security officials in Camagüey, Cuba, detained and interrogated seven-year-old Katherin Acosta Peña on Thursday regarding her mother, dissident Marisol Peña Cobas, who faces charges of corruption of youth for insufficiently indoctrinating Acosta into communism. […]

Police reportedly took away both Peña and Acosta and interrogated the child in a room separate from her mother. According to Peña, who spoke to the U.S.-based Radio Martí outlet afterward, a prosecutor, an official with the Ministry of the Interior, and a psychologist with the Ministry all interrogated the child.[…]

Peña said her daughter told her that the interrogators asked her if her mother treated her well, the identity of her father, and if she knew who Díaz-Canel was. The girl said she responded affirmatively, that she knew him “from TV.” Peña said that she thinks the regime asked Acosta repeatedly who Díaz-Canel was, including showing her a photo of the man without identifying him, to see if the girl would disparage the puppet leader.

READ: Cuba: Police Detain, Interrogate 7-Year-Old Girl for Insufficient Revolutionary Fervor

I did a podcast a while back on the demonic root of communism, where I also discuss Cuba:

75 | Is there a demonic root to communism?

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