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Finland moves to the political right in recent election

Helsinki Finland
by Otso Kivekäs/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

There has been a major shift politically in Finland after Sunday’s election that saw the downfall of its progressive, left-wing Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, The Blaze reports.

Marin was the world’s youngest Prime Minister when she was first elected in 2019 at the age of 34.

The election saw nine political parties gain seats in the Finnish parliament, with no party gaining a clear majority.

The National Coalition Party won the most seats, 48, garnering 20.8% of the vote. It ran on a platform of “Fixing Finland’ by addressing the country’s growing debt problem and a weakening economy.

The right-wing, Finns Party, came in second with 46 seats and 20.1% of the popular vote and former Prime Minister, Sanna Marin’s left-wing party, Social Democrat party came in third with 43 seats and 19.9% of the vote.

According to University of Helsinki Professor Juhana Aunesluoma’s analysis of the election results, two-thirds of Finnish voters voted for a right-wing party and only one-third voted for the left.

It is expected that the right-wing parties will form a coalition government.

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Finland was not the only country to experience an electoral revolt against the progressive left. As part of its climate change initiative, the Dutch government has been seeking to close down farms in that country and restrict the production of those that remained.

In provincial elections held in mid-March, the newly formed Farmer Citizen Movement picked up a stunning 15 seats in Holland’s 75-seat Senate. The victory will make it difficult for the country’s left-wing coalition, led by Mark Rutte, to pass legislation.

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