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‘Jesus Revolution’ shocks at the box office

Jesus people outdoor service in the 1970s

Industry experts were shocked when Jesus Revolution scored third at the box office this past weekend bringing in an estimated $15.5 million as it played in 2,400 theaters across America.

It finished behind Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Cocaine Bear.

This was more than double early projections that estimated opening weekend sales would be between $6-$7 million.

It is all the more remarkable considering tens of thousands had seen the movie prior to its theater release, as Lionsgate had organized pre-viewings in churches and universities.

The movie portrays the start of the Jesus People movement in the late 60s and early 70s that swept the disenchanted American hippies in the USA. Many consider it among the greatest spiritual awakenings to sweep the country.

It was led in large part by Chuck Smith, the pastor of Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, CA, who is played by renowned American actor, Kelsey Grammer, 67. Kelsey, a Christian, is famous for his portrayal of Frazier Crane in two TV series hits, Cheers and Frazier.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the movie received a 99% score from those who watched the movie with nearly 3,000 leaving comments.

Jennifer described it as the ‘Best Christian movie ever.”

Aimee said, “I loved it. I cried and laughed. I felt overwhelmed with Joy. It was clean and wholesome.”

Eleanor D added, “❤️I just loved this movie! So many memories of when I became a born-again Christian at 15 years old and was going to Calvery chapel in Highland Park CA and going to the beach and getting baptized.✝️ I am so grateful for this amazing movie!”

The critics gave it a 55% score.

Equally remarkable, Collider.com reports, that Jesus Revolution received a rare A+ CinemaScore on its opening day.

CinemaScore, which has been polling moviegoers since 1978, determines this rating by handing out cards at the beginning of the movie in selected theaters, allowing people to rate the movie from A+ to F.

It is extremely rare to receive an A+ and even though Ant-Man and the Wasp and Cocaine Bear had bigger sales, they only scored a B and B- respectively on CinemaScore. Even Avatar: The Way of the Water only scored an A.

This was the fourth A+ CinemaScore that filmmaker Jon Erwin received. Harold Mintz, the president of CinemaScore, described Erwin’s achievement as ‘unprecedented. Erwin had received an A+ on three previous movies, I Can Only Imagine, Woodlawn and American Underdog.

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Watch the trailer for the movie:

A few comments on the trailer:

Gary Sherman:

“In 1973 my wife’s sister kept bugging her to come to a tent in a bean field in Costa Mesa to hear a preacher named Chuck teach the bible and hear some Christian rock/folk music. When the band played she recognized them: it was the Road Home and she had danced to their music at a nightclub in Newport Beach previously. She was shocked to see them in this tent. She was a cocktail waitress at the Red Onion restaurant in Palos Verdes at that time and we were dating. When she told me she got “born again” that night in the tent I was blindsided because she was somewhat of a hellraiser and the change was a dramatic 180 degrees. We got married and spent the next 39 years learning the gospel from Pastor Chuck until his very last time in the pulpit in 2013.”

Michael Emery:

“Pastor Chuck had a huge impact on my life spiritually as a very young Christian believer in Jesus. As a young Army officer stationed on the DMZ in Korea in 1977, me and two other soldiers used to sit and listen to Chuck’s bible teachings on cassette tapes. He was and still is a mentor to me in and through his books, teachings and through “The Word for Today Bible”. I thank God for the ministry of Pastor Chuck Smith. What a blessing he was to so many. Moreover I loved Maranatha Music and all of the early Christian music scene…Bethlehem, Mustard Seed Faith, Chuck Girard and so many more. I look forward to seeing this movie; it looks great from the trailer.”

Little Pebble:

Kinda crazy that this movie is coming out right around the time Asbury kicks off.”

SA Jordan:

“I gave my life to Christ during this time, it was 1971 at a place called Woodleaf run by Young Life, we held mtgs in homes with lots of candles and guitars after that. Great times, tons of young people, changed my life forever.”

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