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Old Hebrew Bible may set a world record for the sale of a historical document

A page from the Codex Sassoon
Credit: Jewish National and University Library/Wikipedia/Public Domain

An old Hebrew Bible estimated to be over a thousand years old could potentially set a world record for the most expensive book ever sold when it comes up for sale at Sotheby’s, the Daily Wire reports.

Dated to the 9th century, the 400-page Codex Sassoon, also known as the Damascus Pentateuch, contains all 24 Old Testament books minus 12 leaves. Most of the lost pages are from the Book of Genesis, which starts with Genesis 9:26. Exodus 18:1-23 is also missing.

The leather-bound Bible, which measures 12″ by 14″ in size, also contains several deeds of sales including one stating it was dedicated to a synagogue in Syria.

It is expected that the Bible could sell for between $30 million to $50 million. To become the most valuable historical document ever sold, it would need to beat the $43.2 million price paid for a first edition copy of the US Constitution in 2021.

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