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CBS tweeted it was ‘ready to worship’ in lead up to Grammy’s ‘tribute to Satan’?

Yesterday, I reported on how some suggested the Grammy Awards looked like a tribute to Satan after singers Sam Smith and Kim Smith’s performance at the Grammys had a satanic theme with Smith dressed up as Satan.

At moments, it seemed the dancers were worshiping Satan.

The Satanic theme continued with other guests referencing the devil. It was so overt that the host was even forced to address it. The Daily Mail reported that some described the Grammys as a ‘tribute to Satan.’

Now The Blaze alleges that shortly after Sam Smith had sent out a tweet that his Grammy Performance was going to be special, CBS sent out a tweet in response that it was ‘ready to worship.’

CBS has since deleted its tweet. But why would CBS send out a tweet that it was ‘ready to worship’ unless it knew what was coming?

READ: CBS deletes ‘We are ready to worship!’ tweet that it had posted ahead of Sam Smith’s ‘Unholy’ Grammy performance

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