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Communist China spy balloon disturbing update

We have a bit more information on the Communist China spy balloon that US President Joe Biden allowed to fly over the US the past few days, before finally destroying it.

Apparently, there were actually two of them, as a spy balloon has since been spotted over Latin America.

It seems that these are not your typically styled weather balloons that float where the currents take them, these are maneuverable and able to change direction.

In a response to a question by a reporter at the Pentagon News conference, Air Force Brigadier Gen. Patrick Ryder said:

“So I’m not going to go into any specific intelligence that we may have. Again, we know this is a Chinese balloon and that it has the ability to maneuver, but I’ll just leave it at that.”

This explains why it was able to hover over sensitive nuclear missile sites in Montana.

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In a nutshell, Communist China is mocking the US, because it can, due to weak leadership.

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