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A woman that Newsom depicted in an ad as being sad over Roe vs Wade ruling was actually jubilant because she is pro-life

Macy Petty in Gavin Newsom’s pro-abortion ad
Source: Twitter video, @GavinNewsom – Screenshot/The Blaze

When California Governor Gavin Newsom decided to run a pro-abortion ad, he used an image of a woman crying outside the US Supreme Court to depict the sadness and panic women were feeling because of the overturning of Roe vs Wade, The Blaze reports.

However, maybe he should have checked with the woman first before including her image because her name was Macy Petty, a Lee University student and pro-life activist.

In response, Petty tweeted “Panic? Sad? Try ecstatic, blown away by God’s grace on this country” and posted her response to both the Governor’s official and personal Twitter accounts.

On her Instagram account, Petty went further and accused Newsom of trying to put his words in her mouth:

California governor Gavin Newsom has used my image in one of his political ads in yet another attempt to show his support for women. He and pro abortion Democrats have one again shown Americans that they care little for my voice as a woman.”

She also asked Newsom to take down the ad or remove her image, because it depicted her as being in agreement with this evil.

READ: Newsom used video of crying student in a pro-abortion ad. She is again reminding him those were tears of joy over Roe being overturned: ‘Sad? Try ecstatic’

Most pro-lifers are women, by the way

And for the record, the majority of people who support the pro-life movement are in fact, women. READ: Bill Maher Surprised by Abortion Data: ‘Most People Who Are Pro-Life Are Women – I Did Not Know That’

It kind of reminds me

It kind of reminds me of what happened in World War II, when the Nazis used a photo of a young Jewish baby to depict the perfect Aryan baby, the Daily Mail reports.

Ironically, the Nazis slaughtered over six million Jews in their death camps because they considered them sub-human.

Hessy Taft was six months old when her Jewish mother took her to a German photographer for a photo. The photographer then submitted the photo to a contest that the Nazi Party was holding to find the perfect Aryan baby.

Hessy’s photo won and for the next several years was used in Nazi propaganda materials including posters and ads. READ: Nazi poster girl who declared the ideal Aryan baby in propaganda material is revealed to have been Jewish: Daily Mail.

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